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our prized spruce trees provide year-long interest to your home landscape with their evergreen foliage in greens, blue-greens and golds. They may reside being long like 2 website web site years unless illness or pests kill them. If your spruce trees appear to be dying, first verify that your maintenance is consistent also appropriate. Trees that are cared for properly are vigorous and better able to repel or recover from pests and illness.

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Things You'll Require[edit]

Natural mulch Drip irrigation method Gardening gloves Protecting eyewear Protective clothing Pruning shears Insecticides Fungicides

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1 Grow your spruce trees where they obtain full sunlight exposure for optimal improvement. Stay clear of crowding your trees with spacing it far adequate apart.

3 Add any 3- to 4-inch layer of organic mulch beneath the canopy of your spruce tree with no pressing the mulch up against the trunk. Use a material such as wood chips or pine needles since mulch to improve moisture retention, stabilize soil temperature and repel weeds that can draw pests to the home landscape and compete for nutrients with your spruce tree.

4 Examine your tree for pest infestations want the typical spruce pest: the white pine weevil. Look with brown, snout-faced bugs that is measure approximately 1/4 inch in length and appear in spring. Weevils destroy the uppermost 18 inches regarding your spruce tree's stems, and that is makes your tree look like although it's dying. This is the characteristic harm caused by weevil feeding.

5 Employ a control program once you obtain identified any pest infestation, beginning with cultural manage plus moving onto biological and chemical management to cause as little damage as possible during cure. Control weevils with removing also destroying influenced plant parts plus then releasing natural enemies of the weevil. Some insects kill weevils lacking causing any harm to your spruce. Purchase fly larvae also parasitic wasps from a garden provide store, catalog or Internet retailer.

6 Choose to utilize chemical control if infestation is severe, except realize that most compounds will kill your beneficial insects. Apply horticultural oil as some low-toxicity insecticide that kills on make contact with but supply no residual manage. For higher poisonousness plus greater control, select any insecticide through the active ingredient acephate, according to the Varsity of Idaho College of Rural and Life Sciences.

7 Examine your tree for needle diseases that cause needle drop plus the inhibition of regrowth and death regarding random branches. Root rot is other problem, which directs to mushroom growth and poor tree growth.

8 Prevent tree dying by contacting your local county extension agent or a licensed professional to specify the specific issue challenging your spruce tree. Attain any professional opinion, because symptoms about various fungal infections are similar. Create also follow through in a control program tailored to your tree's particular problem.

Always have on gardening gloves, protective eyewear also defensive clothing to forestall injury when handling chemicals or sharpened tools like pruning shears.


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