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This is a serious guide on creating a Why? article. It is a quick draft that will be finished once the templates and pages are finalized.

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Creating the article[edit]

Basically, just create the article the same way you would any other article, but in the Why?: namespace. To create an article in a different namespace, just link to it from another page. For example, Why?:Do Microsoft make a lot of money?. From there, just present your argument in a persuading manner, make sure you look at the other side of the argument and present points that contradict these.

Make sure you add a ? at the end of the article name.

Important facts[edit]

When you have discovered a fact that will help you explain your argument, use the {{Factoid}} template. These can be used to persuade your reader. Diagrams can be used to great effect as well, for example in Why?:Bother, the diagram is used to draw the readers attention. Also, like numbers, "If it's in a diagram, it must be true/reputable".

Did you know…
One sided arguments do not persuade people, unless you make it propaganda.

Why? template[edit]

Finally, add the {{Why?}} template somewhere on the page. This not only adds a link back to the main page, but it also takes care of the category. It appears on the right, so make sure it will fit in with your article.

Recent Why?s[edit]

You should also add a link to the page on the "Recent Why?s" on the main Why? page. This process will be simplified soon, until then you will have to find the place in the HTML.

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