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If you are reading this then congratulations you are obviously the perfect idiot to start a fashion. Starting a fashion takes the pure stupidity and utter contempt for common sense of a brave incapable individual such as your self. Fear not the trouble on the horizon young brave bazil ye needn’t worry. Uncyclopedia needs you, fashion needs you and Jesus commands ye to be our saviour and bringer of fashion.

You and only you must strive against all common sense and its impending apocalyptic intentions to deprive the world of fashion. Common sense tell us other wise but you know better, so it is your time to shine and step forward and be counted. The enemy is at the gate and you hold all cards so shuffle them and strike thy down while shouting "UNO". This quest will hold many a battle but stupidity is your friend, ignorance your ally and greed your mother. Lets begin.


Step 1. Using your superior stupidity, find a original common everyday well conceived thing that currently works perfectly and is currently inexpensive to buy/do.


Dont forget to insult all people who spout rational rhetoric

Step 2. Increase the price of the thing by 900%.

Step 3. Find a way to oppress some people in poverty to enable other people to do/have the thing.

Step 4. Take the existing thing and make it outrageously hard to use/do.


Never stop striving to reach new heights in unfathomable stupidity

Step 5. Claim the old thing is total shit but dont provide a reason that would only weaken your potential fashion.

Step 6. Oppress some more people. Rich people love this.

Step 7. Butt fuck some celebrities to get them to do/use your fashion.


If this HowTo makes perfect sense to you then your probably already starting fashions

Step 8. Pay some young bulimic idiots(being a idiot you shouldn't have any problems finding them)to do/use your fashion in a crowded area wher people already spend hunreds of dollars on things that cost hardly anything to produce.

Step 9. Have the bulimic idiots do/use your fashion in some sort of show.

Step 10. Now sell your fashion.


Every six mouth repeat the process for continued success

Step 11. Bitch slap everyone you dont like.