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This is a list of templates used for the HowTo namespace.

Generic HowTo Template

Gorillatrans.gif HowTo 
This article is part of Uncyclopedia's HowTo series.
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The generic HowTo template should be on all HowTo: pages, although the HowTo:Stub could be used instead.


HowTo Stub Template

The HowTo Stub template is for HowTo articles that could use some work. It can be used as well as or instead of the HowTo template.

Gorillatrans.gif HowTo 
This article is part of Uncyclopedia's HowTo series.
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No, not that kind of stub!

A "stub" is an overly-short or incomplete article that needs to be expanded before it can truly be called a definitive treatment of its subject matter. Stubs are one of the many banes of Uncyclopedia's existence. So, why not learn how to create one?

Step 1

Come up with a great page name. The name you choose should be catchy and witty; a play on words that leaves the reader wanting to read more, while inducing at least a chuckle just by itself.

Step 2

Come up with about two legitimate (or semi-legitimate) sub-headings. The sub-headings don't have to be anything special, but they should build on the clever title of the article and should show what direction the article is heading (or would head, if the lazy author would just sit down and finish it).

Step 3

Write a sentence or two under each sub-heading. These need be even less legitimate than the sub-headings themselves, but they still cannot be pure nonsense. They should, along with the sub-headings, elicit one more laugh from the reader.

Step 4 (Optional)

Add a picture. One - no more, no less.

Step 5

Add the stub label at the bottom of the "article" you have created and wait for more industrious, comedic and talented cyberspace authors to come and breathe real life into your work. P.S. - This won't happen.


Tip template

The tip template is used for tips on HowTo pages. It's use is described on the HowTo:Make your first HowTo article.


Use the first pipe to specify 'left' or 'right', and the second to put the message.

{{Tip|left|Use the first pipe to specify 'left' or 'right', and the second to put the message.}}

HowTo Featured Article

Featured article template for the main page.


Disclaimer: I'm about to teach you some pretty experimental shit, so I will hold no responsibility for anyone whose face is blown out the back of their heads at how revolutionary it is. I also hold no responsibility for any dicks blown off by how delicious this shit tastes.

Okay then, firstly make sure you are mentally prepared for what is about to happen. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale out your mouth. If you are not calm then the next steps will definitely make you freak the fuck out.

Once you feel ready for the journey that lies ahead, you must get yourself a mug. Not some small-time pussy sized mug, a big fucker like the one pictures to the left here. I chose one that illustrates my manly love for chocolate. Chocolate is fucking delicious, don't even try to deny that. You lying piece of shit.


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Featured Article Template

Added to articles that have been featured on the HowTo: namespace


HowTo Recent Articles

Recent articles template for the main page.

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