How much money does the USA spend on population signs?

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Now, you may be wondering:

Why the fuck did I do this?

So here's your answer.

Wow you must be the dumbest person alive! its called being proud of what we have and i bet those 5,574 people in Union care about every single one of them that lives in their town. and if you're so in love with that joke of a country across the pond then get the heck out of America. Trust me we'll gladly change the sign to read one less!!!!!!

Population signs[edit]

Heck, I actually got bored. so I just drew I on.

So, you all must know about those population signs. I can't personally find one without getting into trouble, so anyway, I'll draw one for you on Paint.

  • Seriously, why the hell do you want to know that 5,574 people live in Union, Ohio?
  • Why the hell do you color your signs green?
  • Why the hell do Americans have population signs?
  • Why the hell am I doing this articles?
  • Why the hell do I keep asking questions?
    • I don't know.


Please note the Britishness.

Anyway, assuming that signs are replaced every 5 years, and there are 50,000 towns like Union, with two signs put up, and another 1,000 larger towns, with maybe 5 signs saying the population, we have the following sum:

That means the total number of signs the United States government has to put up every term in office is:

OMG! 150,000 But remember this is YOUR money being spend on useless crap that no one really gives a shit about.

Say each sign costs $500. they are huge and use a hell of a lot of metal.

Lets see how this adds up:

$75 million! What can that buy? Think about all the stuff that the US can do to help others in the rest of the world?


You COULD...

  • Give the money to me.
  • Buy 75,000,000 lottery tickets.
  • Buy probably billions of sheets of A4 paper (who cares about the 'letter' size?)
  • Buy a football (yes soccer for you Yanks) team
  • Set fire to it.
  • Shag probably anyone you want.
  • Buy a map.
  • Buy an apple.
  • Feed Africa for 2 years.
  • Go to war with Iran.
  • Get more oil.
  • Buy areas of land is Saudi Arabia where you could build an oil pipeline.
  • Make your own movie.
  • Take a bath in piss.
  • Give most of it to me.


  • Fry an egg.
  • Up the ante on a poker game.
  • Chill a popsicle with a freezer.
  • Kill all the trees with your 10,000 gas guzzling Hummers.
  • &Join the Kyoto Agreement - I bet you don't know what the hell it is.
  • You could learn the names for 10 countries in the world, other than: USA, Canada, Mexico, England and 'Eye'raq.
  • Other and do nothing with it, give it to me?
  • U├čerly pwn someone in a game.
  • &Give them a virus.
  • Would you kill someone you hate?
  • And stop the public from ownling a gun. Seriously, the number of massacres have been stopped by banning guns.
  • Nor do you rule the world, there are others, you know.
  • King a pawn.
  • Eat out of a fadge.
  • Rent a movie?
  • Sell yourself on eBay?
  • Buy 37,500,000 hotdogs.
  • Dotn give it THAT guy, git it MWAH. Im wayyyyy better then the dude who wrote this.

Anyway, enough of that, what about you?