How to be danceable and not just murderous

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“After I read this book, radio got even uglier!”

~ Frank Zappa on How to be danceable and not just murderous

“I can't believe this book sold more copies than Unsafe At Any Speed.”

~ Ralph Nader on How to be danceable and not just murderous

Hot to be danceable and not just murderous is a book written by Jimbo Wales and Willy on Wheels to describe how the fate of music radio is getting stupider and stupider as time goes by. Also, it documents murders in the hood related to slow dancing and instances of highway hypnosis caused by listening to too many ballads. It also documents how fast dances rendering slow dancing obsolete. The book consists of 666 pages, the reason why it has that many pages is because it conveys lots of information pertaining to the shenanigans caused by ugly ballads and describes how Frank Zappa tried to kill ugly radio but failed to, and that it has less words than originally planned, therefore making 666 a double entendre.

After 420 people read this book, the radio started to complain about this book on the airwaves and eventually said nigger getting many licenses nearly revoked and many DJs got fired for complaining about this book since the complaints meant that they didn't understand the shenanigans caused by their poor radio programming even though the book was supposed to end the travesties the niggaz' hood was riddled with. The book's title is loosely based off of Uncyclopedia's policy that describes how to be funny and not just stupid hence the pun. Other documented events in this book are how people slow dance at high school, and end up impregnating their dates months after; and says that 69% of those instances of pregnancy result in murder of the mother or the baby (or both).

Other issues documented in the book also include how businesses rely too much on simplicity and how customers complain about over dependence on simplicity.

Million seller[edit]

This book has sold 69,105,045,404,666 copies because people 69ed with themselves after getting to the end of the book. Wikipedia refuses to make a article documenting the shenanigans documented in this book because it thinks that this book is too much of a POV book.