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He's got a gerry curl. HA HA HA!!!

Howie "Deal or No Deal" Mandell is a famous Canadian guy who licks eggs, although every now and then he bites a big one. He is the host of the reality show "I'm A Canadian, So Suck My Cock", and "Deal Or No Deal."

The Lex Luthor Connection[edit]

Recently, it has been discovered by searching through files that Howie Mandel is Lex Luthor's long lost brother, hence the reason why he has lost his hair. Mandel is not going to verify this, but when Luthor was asked about this, he said, "All I can say is this. Deal!!!"

Lex Luthor's brother? You decide!

Mxyzptlk Connection[edit]

Can he be both Lex Luthor's brother and Mxyzptlk?

A few years back, on Christmas Eve, a man named Mxyzptlk appeared and started a nuisance with Superman. He looked very much like Mr. Mandel, and Superman said, "He kept asking me if I wanted to take the deal, or if I wanted no deal." This is very unlikely that Howie can be both Mxyzptlk and Lex Luthor's brother.


He isn't very funny at all. He does his act that sounds like a girl getting raped. It is called the Bobby sketch. It is really gay. He makes it seem he is bipolar.

Medical Degree[edit]

Howie became a doctor at the St. Elsewhere hospital in 1009. He became renowned for being a kid doctor and for raping the kids. However, this whole situation was a dream squence by an autistic kid. So it wasn't true, and Howie doesn't like germs anyway.

Murder of Dr. House[edit]

On a special episode of Deal or No Deal, Dr. House from the medical documentary series House MD came on the show. He got a deal for 606,000 dollars and he didn't take the deal. However, his case had nothing in it. Howie took a gun, said, "You should have taken the deal, bitch," and shot the poor doctor. No one cared since House was a real douchebag and Howie got away scott free.

The murder of Dr. House.