Hudson River

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The Hudson River was named after its inventor Hudson Leick. It was voted "Best New River" of 1996, "Best Value River" three years running, 1999-2001 and "Best Family River" 1998-2006.

The river comes in four different colours, blue, white, brown and a sort of burnished wheat that may as well be called biege.

Standard Features[edit]

The Hudson River comes with the following features as standard:

  • Water
  • Source
  • Mouth
  • Mud

Factory Fitted Options[edit]

The Hudson River can have the following Factory Fitted Options:

  • Waterfall
  • Oxbow Lake
  • Tributary
  • Tidal Bore

User Fitted Options[edit]

The Hudson river may customised with the following:

  • Bridge (Rail/Road/Foot)
  • Fish
  • Pollution
  • Shopping Trolleys


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