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The Humourous[edit]

A large bone, often up to 5 foot long in adult alpha tango two males of Afro Caribbean origin. It is famed for it's popularity among civilised canibbals for it's medicinal properties in curing Crawwls Disease. A disease which renders the

A Disclaimer[edit]

The views expressed within this article are not meant to be funny

Formative Years[edit]

This man may be Mexican, or perhaps just Willy Wonka.

During the early years of a child's life, the Humourous bone forms from a variety of cultural influences. The quality and richness of these experiences will determine how strong the Humourous becomes in later life. Some examples of this,

Americans - Subject to culture such as Jay Leno or Saturday night live may not be at all strong in the humourous because of the pure lack of anything funny about these cultural experiences.

French - French people generally have large, strong Humourous bones as they live in a country that people have made fun of for so long. The French have capitalised on this rather unfortunate mishap and have developed the strongest but one other nation's Humourouses

Mexican - Anything that mexican people say is funny. There is no reason for this. Possibly the mixture of Spanish and American accents cause this strange phenomenon. At this very moment, Scientists from La Harbour CA are at work trying to find the reason that Mexican culture is so hilarious.

Carnegie Hall[edit]

Around 1966, Scientists began performing in large venues. They played Carnegie Hall in a leprosy benefit that was televised worldwide. The Humourous bone was on display that night at Carnegie Hall and was a great success. Scientists has even managed to conduct a wonderful scientific experiment in which they inserted a large segment of comedian Andy Kaufman's DNA into the bone so that it told jokes. One line in particular was deemed grossly offensive: "President Johnson is a nice guy. I was over at the White House last night for dinner. The potatoes were a little cold. What kind of country is this guy running, dagnammit?". The Carnegie Hall audience was outraged and for the next three years, The scientists had to eke it out on the comedy circuit. But in this time his new, racier material was gaining a cult following.