Hundred Acre Tiger Woods

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Formerly known as Hundred Acre Woods, Hundred Acre Tiger Woods is an area approximately 5480 acres in size. It is located in central London and is the city's most popular golf course. It was opened in 2003 by the famous golfer and reluctant cultist leader Tiger Woods.

The course features 100 holes, a club house (in which kidnapped hobos are clubbed to death), a mortuary, and a satanic pet cemetary.

None of the wood's old residents remain on the site, with the exception of Tigger, who can still be found assaulting the occasional unsuspecting golfer between the 11th and 12th holes.

The course was at one point the home to football's Arizona Cardinals, between the days of May 2nd and May 5th, 1961. The reason for the team's leaving after such a short time was because neither the course nor its creator existed yet, which was said to be, among other things, Motherfuckin' crazy.

If this area is reverted to something else, it might be a nudist colony.

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