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By the Hungarian propaganga ministry ministry of state-approved truth and information:

The Hungarian Govenment is the absolutely non-corrupt 'govenment' of the democratic country of Hungary.

While being constantly criticized by subversive indiviuals - who will be deported to Paprika plantages -, you can always and in any situation whatsoever have full confidence in it. Especially when it raises your taxes orkasdroiawuerthqwehraouieyg seurpiwutgiuegytoiawAEIs euaiwueyragoi :ieyoaiwu doesn't care if you bleed to death in a hospital outside of the official opening times (8-12 am. on Mon-Thu).

Also, it is often said that it is exactly the same as the other democratic governments in Eastern Europe, but this is doubleplusungoodthink and will get you deported to a Paprika plantage in no time. Thes government has many important duties which it fullfills with absolute precisity; WHO TOLD YOU OTHERWISE CAPITALISTA?

  • Raising your taxes
  • Putting out 20mph speed limits on the roads so it's not your governments fault if your car breaks down
  • Swiftly providing you a quality Soviet/Polish-made quality car for the price of a Lamborghini with a minimal 20 years waiting time
  • Providing for your health in top-of-the-eastern-block-state hospitals. However, you should only decide to get sick/run over/shot at inside of the state approved times.
  • Raising your taxes

Also, Hungary's main export commodity, porn (and underfunded mathematicians who invent nuclear bombs for other countries), is readily available thanks to the great government! The government also plays a great role in preserving the glorious 49-letter Hungarian Language, which is far more glorious than the westerner 26-letter 'language'. This is evindenced when porn actors fall into hungarian child speak.

I for my part welcome the decisions of theglorious Hungarian Government, whatever they may be, no matter how they deriorate my standard of living, personal liberty or justice. The Hungarian Government always wants your best, unlike your western governments with their so-called bill of rights (luckily our great governments great work for us is not obstructed by such nonsense). ALWAYS! If you think otherwise that is crimethink and will get you to the Paprika plantages is no time (unless the Counry-with-unpronouncable-name-built quality trains transporting you breaks down, but there is only a small 100% probability that that will happen).

Praise the government!