Hurling bricks at other people's windows

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Hurling bricks at other people's windows is the national sport of Scotland. It was invented during the G8 summit, by a mysterious man from the United States territory of Scotland.


To play a game of hurl bricks at other people's windows, you need a few bricks, a building that belongs to someone other than yourself, and a few scotch-drinking, pissed off men in kilts. You need to gather the drunks together and announce that a game, or "riot," has begun. Everyone then fights their way toward the building and starts throwing bricks at it. Scoring is determined by how many windows you break and how expensive the windows are. Also, when the police show up, you can win by being the only one who isn't eliminated, or "nicked."

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How to Deal with the Police[edit]

The police love this game, and will show up to take part in it. Welcome them by showing your ass and yelling "FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM!" When they try to attack you, you have several options.

1. Headbutt them to death

2. Smash a bottle of whisky over their heads

3. Steal their riot shield and beat them to death with it

4. Rape them (known as "arse buggering")

5. Confuse them by throwing

these bricks

Where to Play it[edit]

Hurling bricks at other people's windows is a sport most often enjoyed near government buildings. Also, Scotland is a great place to play it, as most cops have no firearms and most citizens love a good riot. This also works anywhere in the UK outside of football stadiums.

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