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A Dutch stew made of skirt, dirt, carrots, rat, onions and potatoes, left behind by the fleeing, vomitting victims of the Spanish Inquisition.

Notice the branding iron used for mashing the rats potatoes

Typical recipe[edit]


  • 1 medium length ladies skirt, wool or cotton blend. Substitutable with sweaty kilts.
  • 1 cup Bavarian field soil, high in elk manure content.
  • 1 tsp carrot
  • 1 extra large (7-10kg) Norwegian rat, fresh if possible.
  • 3 medium vomit covered onions
  • 400g instant refried potato gelatine.

Preparation instructions[edit]

  1. Mug a lady and take her skirt. Skin and fillet the flesh and seams.
  2. Bake skirt for 6 hours at 150ÂșC or until it catches fire.
  3. Put in a ... large cauldron, adding soil a little at a time.
  4. Add um... carrot.
  5. Catch rat, throttle to death, or brain with your copy of "101 Ways to Put Your Budgie Down". Sautee (heh) lightly and add to cauldron. Boil um, mixture for 2 hours.
  6. (heh) Rinse onions. Dice, with the um knife thing. Throw into pot, er cauldron.
  7. Mash potato gelatine with your clogs, man. Scrape most off the floor and clogs (nntsssh) into the (heh) bowl. Stir. Try not to um fall over.
  8. Forget what you were (heh) doing. Listen to some Golden Earring.