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The Hydrogen bomb was invented by Nathan Riojas when trying to make an overly fizzy erotic stimulant. He accelerated Hydrogen atoms into a glass of coke which exploded with the force of three Atomic Bombs (a force even more destructive than one of Oprah's farts). Einstein wanted to keep this dangerous information secret, but Edward Teller showed it to the world when he invented the game of "Show and Teller".

How it works[edit]

The hydrogen bomb is basically a bunch of Hydrogen atoms being accelerated into a glass of coke (coke being chosen because it is the most volatile and potentially lethal of all drinks). This is a simple backyard experiment that is most likely to kill you and your entire region. Inside the main chamber of the bomb there is a glass of pure coke. At the rear of the compartment there is a balloon filled with hydrogen gas hooked up to a kazoo. When the Hydrogen bomb is activated, the hydrogen will rush from the balloon and through the kazoo towards the glass of coke. This movement of gas creates an ominous sound, much like someone playing a kazoo. This sound is heard moments before the 1 OF (Oprah Fart) explosion. Don't be around when it goes off. Some of the side-effects from the Hydrogen/Coke fallout include vomiting a brown, cola-flavoured liquid and expansion of head due to it being filled with Hydrogen. The hydrogen bomb may make you feel the need to have sex with the same gender.

In case of an explosion run behind the nearest fat person you will remain unharmed but the fat person will suffer a very unpleasant horrible death.

Don't forget...[edit]

Hydrogen Bombs are great toys. They make great birthday presents for shady third-cousins who have spent 6 months in secret terrorist training camps. Unwrapping a Hydrogen Bomb will light up their day. Yep.