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Hyperspace is one of the highest gears on standard motor vehicles originally intended to do away with the tedious humdrum of high-speed chases.

Speedometer of cars and spaceships


Hyperspace was originally found purely by accident when scientist and gynaecologist, Dr. Scientist, tried working on a way to shorten the time to cook his morning toast without burning it.

How it Works[edit]

After varied attempts, Dr. Scientist stumbled upon a strange crystal from Venus that omitted a powerful thrust when combined with Antimatter. Seeing an opportunity in this, Dr. Scientist attached his device to a spaceship computer to calculate the co-ordinates and amount of Antimatter to be inserted. The end result was getting from Point A to Point B faster than usual, without having to work your way through the traffic jams at Point C or have the Sat-Nav take you off on as different route to Point E and completely miss the chance of a drink at Point D, which is the local bar.


While some welcomed the new Hyperspace because it shortened journey time, Astrophysicists like Stephen Hawking and Bugs Bunny attacked it because it defied the laws of Physics, but largely because their toast was still burnt anyway.

early hyperspace made pepole mentally sick, so the spaceships was built with mentalhospitals, but the doctors was mentally sick too... so they built mentalhospital for the doctors... but they was flipping mental too.......


Although Hyperspace is still used on most spaceships and sometimes on electronic devices trying to work their way through the Internet without colliding with pop-ups, Hyperspace is fast becoming replaced by the Infinite Improbability Drive, that does away with the complex calculations usually required for Hyperspace travel. However, Hyperspace is still cheaper than the I.I.D. and is still used because of it's addition to new models of the latest Land Rover.