I'm In Your Base Killin' Your Dudes

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“I'm in your base killin' your dudes.”

~ Oscar Wilde, while playing Halo 2.

“Fucking spawnkillers!”

~ Everyone on people who use this phrase

“3y3'm 1n y00r b453, k1llz1n y00r d00d3hz”

~ ZOMFGMEGA1337Z on ur dudez
I'm in your base killin' your dudes!

"I'm in your base killin' your dudes" most commonly spelled "Im in ur base killin ur d00dz" is a commonplace military phrase, used when one side has started an ambush in their enemy's base. Typically the phrase is used by the special forces as a taunt to enemies out in the battle, while they gun down unprepared n00bs enemies as they spawn. Many of the enemies complain about this while they wait another fifteen seconds to respawn, only to be killed again because they suck because it is impossible to turn around and kill someone aiming at where you will spawn without hax.

Origin Of The Phrase[edit]

Kitten GWB about to get whiped by a Jeeptank, while feeding on Toungebuds.

No one knows cares exactly where the phrase originated from, though many people think it started during World War II. According to legend, the term was first used when Rogue/G_Gear invaded Japan single handedly while carrying a tactical teddy with partner in crime Adepthunter. When asked if they had anything they'd like to say to the Japanese, they responded "I'm in your base killin' your dudes". The phrase was soon printed in newspapers all over the world, and the meek citizens of the United States who were too scared too busy to go off to war began using the phrase as way of sounding like war heroes in front of veteran-loving highschool girls. The phrase was soon being used throughout the world, especially as a taunt on various video games.

As a spawnkiller an asshole, Hitler used this phrase quite often.

What To Do When Someone Says This[edit]

So you're out in the field, owning some noobs that can't figure out which button fires the gun, when suddenly, you see a guy on the other team type in the chat box: "I'm in your base killin' your dudes!". Just remember, don't panic. Theres a very simple solution to this. Just sprint back to your base, and blow the shit out of the noob, preferably with a rocket launcher (the spawnkiller's weapon of choice). Then sprint over to his base, and when he tries to spawn, blow the shit out of him again. That'll teach that bastard to kill your dudes!!! After that, make your way to the enemies base and camp there, killing the non-moving players or the ones that couldn't hit you if you were standing right in front of them, then start spamming the chat with "I'm in your base killin' your noobs!! "

Use In Everyday Life[edit]

Hey Ash, I'm in ur base pwning ur dudes!!

Besides its use as a taunt in war games, this phrase can also be used in your daily life. For example, if your boss catches you asleep at your desk, and he yells "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???", you can respond "I'm in your base killin' your dudes". Sure he may look at you funny, and even deduct your pay fire you, but hey, it makes him go away, right? Also, to defeat the mighty Chumble in battle; you must repeat the phrase 5 times and then shout "Sound the feasting horn" after this you must cast Entangling roots and then moonfire spam him or he will break free only to return the favor of entering your base and eradicating your "d00dz"

other phrases that are similar to this one[edit]

  • I's in your game snipin ur n00bs ~ Some n00b playing halo
  • I is in your game shardin your purples ~ some noob who hacked your WoW account
  • I is in your house eatin your cheezburgers ~ random cat
  • I is possessin ur mind, goin kufufu no fu ~ random owl
  • I'm in Auschwitz killin your jews ~ adolf hitler
  • im in ur uncyclopedia huffin ur articlez ~ RAHB to some n00b
  • I'm in my pants playing some idiot game.
  • I'm in my base killin my dudez.
  • I'm in my floating castle rapin' your princess. - Bowser