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IANAL is an Internet-speak acronym/contraction often used in forum discussions regarding the RIAA, MPAA and PIAA. The discussion are usually focused around how the world "should be" according to some better-than-thou 16 year-old L337 h4Xor that thinks he/she understands the true deep significance of terms like "Theer gaY, LOL".

IANAL is a request for bondage sexual services, and actually stands for "I Love Anal" (The reason the "L" in "Love" has been dropped from the acronym is now lost in the sands of time). Some scholars have put forward the theory that the "L" for "Love" is dropped because it was often represented with a heart-symbol, which is missing on many modern keyboards, and that the drop is purely a practical step so that requests for sexuals services can be typed faster.

What this has to do with legal discussions is hotly debated, but as sex is the only thing that the RIAA and MPAA know how to sell, it usually fits into the conversion nicely.

  • The iAnal is also a Human Computer Interaction device trialed by Apple in the early Eighties. It was dropped from Apple's hardware lineup due to hygiene reasons.


<evie1332> OMG t3h RIAA is so evl!!!!!
<zingacs> theyre totallying scrwing us
<joe-intern> IANAL, but what the **IAs are doing is wrong
<XtaC> Me too, they're all pussies with money
<th3drow> IANAL too,  but ur all wrong. there just doing business
<zingacs> WTF dont you know how badly thre screwing us
<th3drow> u think ur getting screwed
<th3drow> but u don know what getting screwed really feels like
<XtaC> you fucking pussy
<th3drow> IANAL
<XtaC> oh ok nvm