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ICSF is an abbreviation of Invisible College Special Forces, these shady individuals form the deniable military arm of the Invisible College of Thoth-Hermes, founded by Shaft (also known as Martin Luther) in 1666. The whereabouts of ICSF are currently unknown.

ICSF Aims[edit]

The aims of ICSF were originally to promote the Evil Atheist Conspiracy and the taming of the Snark. Over the centuries however these aims have become somewhat corrupted, and in the modern era many members of ICSF can be found (if they can be found at all) promoting the causes of D&D and paragliding whilst never leaving their Underground Lair located in the heart of The Great and Mysterious South Kensington Apathy Field.

ICSF Uniform[edit]

The Uniform of ICSF is a dirty T-Shirt (Black) marked with their secret Greek Sigil, and a pair of worn and ripped Jeans (Combats are acceptable). Some reports suggest that members can be identified by their strange and outlandish use of the Subjunctive, but this has yet to be confirmed. The standard weaponry of ICSF appears upon first examination to be constructed from LaTeX, but is in fact actually devices of Real Ultimate Power.

ICSF Memes[edit]

ICSF are reported to be masters of Memetic Warfare, often seeding hapless online communities with their Inane Rubbish. The suggestion that they cannot abide the use of the word Less is scurrilous rumour, as is the suggestion that they cannot abide the word Fewer.

Known ICSF Members[edit]

The following entities, including Humans and Demons (and even some Furries) are believed to be members of ICSF:

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