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A short time in a go, in a galaxy far, far away... war was beginning.


Emperor Baum is not one to be trifled with. For millenia he had bestowed great gifts upon the good natured denizens in the galaxy of intarweb, procuring their work and displaying it in his respected art galleries, and for a time it was good. His world was never associated with the petty crime and thievery which had taken a grip of the rest of the universe. It was simply perfect. But the other worlds of the intarweb galaxy couldn't bear what they saw, and slowly but surely they drew their plans against him.


The forces of Emperor Baums World mass in readiness for war

Officially crossing the line[edit]

After the fist wave of meaningful dialogue failed to stop the advance of the axis force, the pathetic, pimply faced maladjusted pre-teen army of YTMND and their allies made their second move... and the starship DDOS set sail towards Emperor Baums World. YTMND also sent the DDOS's uncle-ship, the SPAM, into the Baums' controled moon of Forums.


Ultimately, after deploying their ultimate weapon, feared throughout the galaxy and known only as the Yiddish Cup, the world which Emperor Baum so desperately clung onto was almost defeated.




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