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iTunes are an obscure form of German pop songs that are, by definition, only two minutes in length and consist of only self-referencing pronouns such as "me, myself, and I." The artform was pioneered by Klaus Von Sprechenstien in 1956, but did not gain a wider audience until the Swedish pop group Licky Licky made an entire album of iTunes in 1963, entitled Me Are Fun.

There are now over 20 major groups in Europe who compose nothing but iTunes and typically release them in large, box-set compilations sold only at garage sales. The genre has yet to penetrate the American market, but this may change as the very first American iTunes band, Chocolate Orgasm, has recently joined this coalition of artists.

Apple iTunes[edit]

Apple iTunes is a web store that music and video and theology can be bought from. Apple iTunes are a version of the old German pop songs. Steve Jobs moved iTunes into the German music and video business, and in 2006 added religion. For music and video, the IPod is used, and for religion the IGod is used. Apple hopes to copy more technology like iTunes in the near future. The IGod is a copy of Great Permissive Dude in the Sky Who Lets Us Do Whatever We Want , only instead of being free, the IGod works on a subcription model.

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