I torched your signed football

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Hey. While you were out shopping, I went to your house. I saw you weren't there so I almost left. Then I thought, "Oh shit, what if he's in there, tied up or being raped?!" I rushed in and saw nothing. So I had some friends over. We torched your football. Yeah, that one. The one signed by Peyton Manning. But he sucks, so we're cool, right?

...No? Well, you're a bitch.

We played with the football[edit]

Sunshine Anderson torched your car too!!!

~ Tamia

We saw the football sitting there, getting lonely. We got it out and started to throw it. I was doing you a favor, really. Lonely footballs are known to start school shootings or rape presidents. John put it between his legs and pretended to get an erection.When we asked him what the hell was he doing, he said he was getting horny. That's right, John got horny (meaning he humped it and was turned on) with your football signed by Peyton Manning. Well, don't get pissed at me! Peyton Manning sucks, right?

No, you suck.

But anyway, John was humping it and we were watching him do it, and we figured how mad you'd be if your football was missing. So we put it back in the glass case on its little stand. Yup. John humped the football signed by Peyton Manning. Your football signed by Peyton Manning. Your prized possession. Or did the football hump John? It will never be known. But the point is that your signed football was humped by John. Yup.

The football got torched[edit]

So we played with it for a little while. I threw it to Nick. Yeah, that guy I met in Tahiti while breaking out of prison with an AK-47. Anyway, I threw it and missed, and it landed in the fireplace. I took it out right away and put it in alcohol. But I didn't realize it was still on fire. So it lit the alcohol up pretty good. While we were chugging alcohol and watching your flaming football, John began humping it again.

We told him not to hump it. We said, "Who knows how many people have touched that football? You could get herpes or something. Plus, THE FUCKING THING IS ON FIRE!!" But no, he went and humped it.

So now, your football is no longer a virgin. John has herpes and a burned penis as well. Poor John. Poor football. Peyton Manning sucks, so why the fuck does it matter? Oh, because you're a bitch.

I burned down your house[edit]

By the way, I tried to put out the fire with your curtains. I didn't know where the fire extinguisher was, so I didn't try to put it out when the curtains caught fire. So the rest of your house pretty much got torched. It was pretty cool though. We all watched it from outside. Except John. He was too busy moaning about his torched pubes. Poor John. Oh, wait, I just remembered that the fire extinguisher was right next to the curtains.

That wasn't your house?[edit]

What do you mean that wasn't your house? It had the signed football and everything. I saw it. John humped it. Unless it was a large block of Parmesan. Which would explain why we didn't smell any burning rubber. And why John's pubes are covered in melted cheese. Wow.

So, were's still cool, then? You think it's funny now that you know it wasn't your house, don't you? Laughing at somebody else's misfortune, huh? You bastard. Just kidding; I think it's funny, too.

I killed Johnny[edit]

I got mad at Johnny, so I whacked him in the face with my opium pipe. His brain flew right out of his head. It was pretty cool. Don't worry, I already sent the police your signed confession. So, can I borrow five bucks?