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The life and Times of the late Ian Smith

Ian was born in Guildford in 1927 to two parents. His father, a somewhat well known local character, was manager of a local Woolworths. His mother remained at home for most of the day, and indulged her twin passions for cross-stitch and Anglian traditional cookery.

Ian had a comfortable childhood. A precocious child, he often caused amusement at parties with his impression of Edith Piaff. At the age of five, he attended Woody Hole primary school, where he quickly made himself known as a quick reader.

During his teenage years, Ian grew into a fine young man. He quickly gained a passion for travel, often voyaging as far afield as Shrewsbury. It was at this time that Ian bacame interested in health and safety, an interest that was to prove itself later on in life.

After school, Ian joined the local council as a junior sanitation engineer. Having shown a particular aptitude for sanitation druing his brief period of work experience at the age of 17, he was quickly promoted, and found himself working with supervisor health and safety officers. From his office near Crawley, he managed litigation claims against the council from victims of accidents due to the damaged fabric of public thoroughfares.

At work, Ian met his future wife, Susan.

Ians House of 30 years in Crawley

Middle Age[edit]

As Ian grew older he undertook volunteer work as an elderly care assistant, where he was involved with meals on wheels. At the age of 65, Ian retired, and spent his time concentrating on his hobbies of Gardening and Classical Music. This time allowed him to cultivate his famous award winning dahlias. He also make progress in learning to play the bassoon.

Some of the elderly locals Ian met


Ian died in 2002, and is sorely missed by his wife and children, who survive him. Depsite his death, Ians legacy lives on through a bench by the river in Guildford, the engraving on which reads 'Ian Smith 1927-2002'

The bench is Guildford on which Ian is commemorated