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That were the words of genius and madman Oscar Wilde, just before he died of dysentery. He had encountered Ignaczak, and he was amazed.

You Are Probably Thinking
Get To The Point


See, Ignaczak isn't some kind of thing that was blasted into the wide annals of Uncyclopedia history, then locked away and simply forgotten. When Sophia wrote the Seven Haiku's Of Justice, she was in the presence of Ignaczak. But, Sophia (hallowed be thy name), didn't know, that:


YES! It's true. In between huffing kittens, he was huffing MEN!

(Hey, if you're still reading this steaming pile o' crap of an article, you are a true man. Or woman. You know. Whatever you are )

True Form[edit]

Believe it or not dear <insert name here>, this is Ignaczaks true form:

His True Form

Scientists attempted to split his atoms and unleash his true potential. The rough draft was, as such:

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I honestly have no idea. But, my peg legged friend, I will know more than you will ever know. I already know a lot. You know, ever since I knew that God knows everything, I kinda began to know that one cannot, and will not, know everything. So I know a lot. Hadn't I knew that one cannot know everything, I (Or you?) would've said I knew it all.


On with the story. Ignaczak is, as I said, A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL! When this was discovered he was banished to The Great Plains. (More about that later) People forgot about him. He was no more. You would think that this story ends here, but I'm just out of inspiration. Maybe I'll carry on later. Okay. On with the show

Oh, he enjoyed teh coffee