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Rasta images[edit]


JPEG, Jumping Poop E-Goo and it's various variations (Say "Pee Gee", Say, is that Parental Guidance?, Jay-Peg) are all in one with all that cool real-ness and blurry tint-all-wheres kind of look. It is all in the camera of tomorrow.


TIFF, (Tish, Tissue, Toot Oriole) Totally Incredible Funny F**k is one of the most funniest and lisphest things in the world. It is tiff and tuff and cool and kool-aid with all it's coolieness. Really, let's get to the PNG, GIF and BMP formats already!


Raw, a very raw format (extension .RAW) is a boring and i-dunno thing. WWE Raw is related, though.


PNG, (Pee-Newgrounds) Penguin is a Linux-based operating image that contains various UNIX codes and itself is a sys. It is the coolest and all my comics are maed in the PNG style.


GIF, (Gee-f) Gooey Intercharge Funk is a animated bad bacdkdfsanoid thing that just isn't cut out to be good and really great such as your mom is. In fact, it is just SO GOOD that people actually make toons with it. It saves 'em money, if they could find a gifmaker besides Pivot and EasyToon.


BMP, (Bumper, a bum peed) Bums Making Poop is the WORST image format since .LOUISE. It is only great for proms and pizza parties although sometimes taken for 3D games that run under the one-hand-combat-player-ghel'ae' games category


MrSID, dunnoaboutit was invented by Manny and Sid in -1000000 years ago in the Ice Age.



LIM, (Gonnatakeyoudownlimbfromlimb, Limbo, Lingo) Liquid Image is a cool file format used for Liquid OS and it's combats. This rly cool thing has a sample on the right. The file looks excactly the same as it was while editing. Also, though you may see gaps, these cannot be filled as they already are

Vectoris Graphicoris[edit]


SVG, Supa Vector Graphic is a totally boring act that is trying to amaeze you with its coolness that doesn't actually exist.



MIFF is still under cons-trook-see-on


See the sample between six file types:

  O    O   __   B    o___o   /   \
 /|\ //|\\|\/| LUR    \_/    \   \/
  |    |  |/\|  B    -----   /
 / \ // \\ --  L R    / \    \