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There are many different form of Imperfect Sheep, and they come in many varieties. You can tell an Imperfect Sheep by its abnormal number of legs, tails and/or heads(tentacles cost only $9.99 extra). An Imperfect Sheep is likely to attack a human on sight (see below for how to deal with this), but most live in remote corners of the world so it is unlikely that you or anyone you know will see one.

How to deal with an Imperfect Sheep

There is no good way to deal with an Imperfect Sheep due to their ridiculously violent natures. Even though they are vicious you can avoid an attack if one comes to pass by having a happy ghost at your side, so that it will scare the imperfect sheep.

The History of the Imperfect Sheep

It is unknown exactly how they came in to existence. What is known however, is that they are here, and that they are a very real and imminent threat to our society, nobody is safe from their terror.

The Future of the Imperfect Sheep

Is widely speculated upon and perhaps it is better left unsaid, for one minor factor, their future seems to be intimately tied in with our* future. People who are experts at being experts have told us mortals that the Imperfect Sheep are actually George Bush's pet monkeys in disguise...and since they're experts, we must believe them.


  • by Our I mean a can of black beans.

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