Imperial Atlantic Republic

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The Imperial Atlantic Republic, also spelled the Atlantic Imperial Republic, the Republic of the Imperial Atlantic, or simply IAR, AIR, or RIA
The Flag of the Imperial Atlantic Republic
The Imperial Atlantic Republic's flag.
National motto: "Water's wet"
Official language Wetspeak
Capital New Atlantis, Pirate Flotilla (shared capital position)
(Head of State)
Lord Fluffles
Prime Minister
(Head of Government)
The Definitive Carebears Collectible Card Game
National Hero
  from Netherlands: 1812
  from Ninja Consulate: 1992
Currency Hydro
National anthem
Shake your booty.mp3
National Holiday
Evil day (Dec. 12)
Decepticonism (65%)

Imperial Atlantic Republic, was set up as a colony in the colonial period by The Netherlands, which, as a bunch of people who can make land out of water, thought they'd be different for a change, and turn land into water. Yes, that's right, The Netherlands destroyed the mythical continent of atlantis and formed the imperial atlanti republic on it's ashes. Or rather it's very wet ashes. Part formally of the european union, although this is generally considered absurd as it's an ocean and not really part of europe as such. The country has suffered greatly from continues pirate and ninja attacks throughout it's long but short history and has responded to this threat by establishing a system of gigantic statues in the middle of the ocean, making obscene gestures. Invaded in both world wars aswell as by Prussia, Russia, and several other nations that end in -Ussia. The government has found that statues have no effect on these incursions and instead responded by developing giant genetically engineered seamonkeys with laserbeams shooting out of their eyes patrolling their borders.


Encompassing the complete atlantic ocean, it's made up primarily of water.


As of 2005, the estimated population of the Imperial Atlantic Republic is 3. Making it the least populated country in existence. Critics however argue that this figure is not entirely accurate as the government of the Imperial Atlantic Republic doesn't formally recognize it's citizens as human beings and instead refers to them as slaves. The Slave population itself is estimated at around 9 trillion, though critics argue that the country can't possibly contain that many people. Critics of the critics argue that it can if it doesn't treat them with any dignity.


The Atlantic was first discovered by the british who, when walking westward, found that there was a large body of water that would drown their expeditions. Subsequent expeditions by various European countries such as Spain, England, France, and The Netherlands resulted in a semi-inaccurate map of the Atlantic and it's various resources. Finally it was terraformed and colonized by the Dutch who established utter dominance in the region.

In 1992, a deadly plagued swept the country aswell as a strange green mist as the dread pirate le'chuck made an appearance.


The chief exports of the country are:
- Plastic singing fish
- Petrochemicals with flavor
- People
- Doomsday devices