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“Screaming Is Sensless.”

~ Oscar Wilde on In Flames' Death Metal Style

“Singing is a talent, if you don't have it you can't be a singer”

~ Fredie Mercury on Good Singer

“I want you to leave me.”

~ Anders Fridén on Come Clarity

“Jester Heads are going to kill mankind!!”

~ Fox News on Jester Invasion

In Flames is a Swedish death (Screaming that actually no one can understand) metal band. They are formed in flames in 1993. when devil summoned them. First they were fire ghouls, but with their superpowers they took human forms, so today they look like people. Jesper (Pyromaniac) Strömblad formed a band in Sweden when he took a human form. And they released numerous albums.

Early Era[edit]

In early years In Flames started as Abnormal Faschist Band. They released a mini album called Heil Hitler which was banned in whole Europe, only skinheads bought it. After first live performance they were arrested, so they had to change style into Abnormal Screaming That No One Can Understand and in 1993. they recorded a Shity Demo. Original Line Up Is Jesper (Pyromaniac) Strömblad - Noise Guitar, Drums, Double Drums ,Glenn (Viking) Ljungström - Noise Guitar, Johan (Flamethrower) Larsson - Four String Guitar, Carl Näslund - Noise Guitar (Not Actually), Mikael (Ultimate Darkness) Stanne - Screaming (original member of drak ghouls band Dark Tranquillity).

Lunar Strain[edit]

Their debut desperation album with goth artwork and themes with mega noise and loud screaming. It was released in 1994. with original line up. Some songs were also folk that made album much worse than with only sensless screaming. It was awesome to goths and retards, but to normal people and true metal fans it was shit. The Dark Ghoul Mikael Stanne got pissed off because of album's bad selling and he left the flame ghouls and returned to his belowed darkness. Later same year band summoned some ghosts to help them with new material and they recorded EP called Subeterannean which was worse than album and sold in 20 copies. No one of fans did understand the words in songs, so In Flames lost 1258 fans. The ghosts were killed by an exorcist. Scientists are still researching meaning of words so they wrote lyrics but they are not completely sure.

Jester Head[edit]

In 1995. band got a new singer Anders Fridén (who was fired from Dark Tranquillity for his bad singing) and a new drummer (because Jesper Strömblad didn't know how to play drums so he was only a guitar player) Björn Gelotte. In 1995. Anders Fridén and a (dark ghoul) Niklas Sundin after killing Carl Näslund discovered aliens called Jester Race and help them to survive on earth.

The Jester Race[edit]

In 1996. band made an album inspirated by discovery of Jester Race. In that album there was fast guitars and again sensless screaming (because Anders doesn't know how to sing). Album was good accepted by the fans with hits like Moonshield, The Jester Race or Dear God In Me. It was one of In Flames better albums. Next year they released an 4 track EP called Black Ash Inheritance with Jester Head on cover and four new songs prepared for new album.


In 1997. band recorded 3rd album. It was one of better albums, but still they sucked find out why:

  • a) because of sensless screaming and noise guitars.
  • b) On artwork there is an whore oracle with snakes on her and she is in some old destroyed house.
  • c) Lyrics are stupid and only hoping that apocalypse will come because they suck.
  • But still there were songs to remember like Episode 666, Morphing Into Primal and The Hive.


In 1998. bad things happened Glenn Ljungström ran away to save his ass and other members killed Johan Larsson. Björn Gelotte forgot how to play drums, so he started to play only guitar. In Flames found two new members Peter Iwers - Bass and Daniel Svensson - Drums In 1995. In Flames found a Jester Colony by that in 1999. album was titled Colony. Finaly in this album is a little bit of singing (but bad because Anders doesn't know how to sing), not only stupid screaming, other things stay the same. Album was better than any album before and songs were good accepted by 5 year old.


In 2000. band found an Clayman and captured him into Poke Ball. And it was good album with singing not only screaming sensless words. Many kids became In Flames fans and Pop fans also. The most accepted songs were Pinball Map and Only For The Weak. In Flames are still informing Jester Race about planet Earth and searching for more creatures like whoracles, claymans and of course more Jesters.

The Tokyo Showdown[edit]

Shot of disaster caused by The Tokyo Showdown.

In November 2000. In Tokyo happened a disaster. In Flames on their concert set audience on fire and Jesters left scars on farmlands during Tokyo Showdown.

Reroute To Remain[edit]

In 2002. world discovered Jester Race so Jesters had to Reroute To Remain and after that they ran away from Earth to their own planet to prepare for invasion, but In Flames still love them and use them on merch and artworks. The album talks about insanity and lyrics are sensless and by that album sucks and only retards like it.

Soundtrack To Your Escape[edit]

After Jesters left the Earth In Flames wrote songs for Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Soundtrack, but George Lucas denied songs. So in 2004. they released new album as memory of jester's escape titled Soundtrack To Your Escape. It supposed to The Best In Flames album till then with more good lyrics, but at the end of recording they songs finished bad. The Quiet Place is the most quiet song on album with quiet rhytm and Anders singing while he was shiting and he was groaning when shit was falling out he screamed louder and louder. F(r)iend is songs that supports children to have fiends for friends. And other songs suck so much that no one can remember the titles.

Come Clarity[edit]

Another In Flames shit of an album with using pop in their songs. Album is released in 2006. and in songs they want to forget Jesters forever. By that they dissapointed many of their fans only pop fans still listened to them. Also Come Clarity is influence to pop albums later example: Green Day tried to record their version of Come Clarity but copying process went wrong and in the end they got shit called 21st Century Breakdown and it sucked more than Come Clarity.

A Sense Of Purpose[edit]

Oh God finally something interesting with good songs and better sound and it's the best In Flames album ever released in 2008. Many metal fans wondered how did they got an great album after all those bad albums before? Answer was that they found a new type of Jester with human body and jester head and now they care for him. But still nobody knows what other Jester's are up to... Needed to discover.

Sounds Of A Playground Fading[edit]

Oh no! in 2010. Jesper Strömblad lost his human form and became a ghoul again. Other members of In Flames are working on new album and trying to discover Jester's new weapon while Jesper is recovering his human form. In Flames recorded new song with techno group Pendulum called Self Vs. Self which was dissapointing to many fans. In 2011. Jesters will create something new and more powerfull... Still needed to discover. And today apocalypse is discovered and it is called Sounds Of A Playground Fading. Niclas Engelin (a.k.a The Dark Fucking Ghoul) joined the band to help them to destroy the Jester colony before they destroy the whole planet. But children should KEEP AWAY FROM THE PLAYGROUNDS because it is a posibility that the PLAYGROUNDS near the schools, kindergardens and other shits like that could FADE.