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Contents: 1. how inbreeds occur

1. a: the science in inbreeds

2. examples of inbreeds

3. can it be stopped?

3. a: how and why?

4. burn them?

5. Oscar Wildes' thoughts

5. the real "5.": T.V characters who were inbreeds

6. end.

1. How inbreeds occur: An inbreed is created when 2 related people have sexual intercourse; though it's twice as likely that the child will be inbread if one of the parents is George Bush due to the retarded sperm.

1. a: A baby is created when a sperm and an egg get together during sex, these sex cells contain DNA that's give a childs genetic coding, an inbreed hasn't got enough or is missing some of this coding because the parents weren't able to give particular genes. this is why fucking your own sister, hot or not, is a bad idea (though if your a girl, go ahead, tape it if you want).

2. There have been many inbreeds who that have led successful lives by getting to 'high' places

{Quote|I got to a high place, led a short but satisfying life looking through womens windows, then i fell down|dead inbreed|falling off his ladder}}

Inbread people in history:

George Bush Oscar Wilde Tony Blair Bill Gates