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Inbreeding is a common myth around the United Kingdom, with many people blaming this on people who live in Norfolk. In fact, even the local MP: Dr. Ian Gibson recently implied that Norfolk was inbred.

The rumour of Norfolk being inbred is not actually true. After the great bicentennial local-let's-fight-between-counties war of 1066 between Norfolk and Suffolk, hatred between the two counties was at an all-time high. This led to a massive propoganda campaign from the mayor of Suffolk/Ipswich.

From this campaign, posters and adverts were placed in all the local newspapers and on trees telling the whole country that it was Norfolk and not the Suffolkians that were inbred.

Unfortunatley, since this was the last propoganda battle after the last bicentennial local-let's-fight-between-counties war, Norfolk have never had a chance to fight back (apart from in the often dire Norwich Vs. Ipswich derby matches, where some Ipswich players have been seen repeatedly falling over after seeing what look like clones of themselves many 1000s of times over in the crowd).

This means that the myth has always been stuck in Norfolk and never sent back to it's rightful place: Suffolk.


The above story is totally fake and is just for a laugh. I have nothing against Ipswich and/or Suffolk as I have been their many times and it is a nice place.