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The incomplete list is an unrefined collection of ostensibly humorous items written, oftentimes on a current variant of the printing press, in consecutive order. It tends to have an unattractive essence to it. It occurs because people are not conducive to work, because they're incredibly intoxicated etc.

Its Raison d'être[edit]

The purpose of the incomplete list is to provide amusement for the modern day ruffian, scamp or other unpleasant chimneysweeps. Said villains abuse the English language and its greatest proponents such as Shakespeare, Wilde, T et al. The aforementioned heroes of literature are being treated as caricatures of their real selves. The hooligans should be ashamed of themselves for not having respect for those great men who passed away due to the exhaustion of writing the most significant works of English literature. Its effect on high society today is that, particularly medical journals, theses and the like, works are being half completed in the name of "humour", or, even worse, "humor". And I must say: I shall not stand for thi


The incomplete list is an abomination to mankind. It cause cancer, venereal diseases, your mother's venereal disease (a new variety) and various other ills which are the result of the decline of today's society. The world would be considerably improved by the lack of incomplete lists and those that harbour their creation like Uncyclopedians. If only these young men, women etc were more cultured like the highlights of postmodernism: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan et al.

Appendix I:the Blacklist[edit]

Here is a list of incomplete lists. I welcome further examples.