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“Professor Kinsey is a close friend...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Indiana University

The Democratic States of Indiana University is an ultra-liberal nation founded on NationStates in 1940 by Indiana Jones, with no help from John Purdue's ghost (the founder of Purdue University). The average income tax rate is 30%, but much higher for the wealthy. Indiana University's national animal is the tree, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the rolling paper. Its official language is Anglo-Koorean. The Eigenmann Hall of Indiana University, which attracted a lot of gamblers, is a huge casino which benefits the Kelley School all the time.

The actual location of Indiana University cannot accurately be determined, but the velocity is usually agreed to be somewhat less than 1ftlb/daylb. It is usually thought to be located in the middle southern neather-regions of the state of Indiana, but some claim to have seen it near a creek east of Illinois.

When Napoleon was sentenced to exile, it was first proposed that he be sent to Indiana University, which is a vast and barren cultural wasteland. Upon hearing this initial sentencing suggestion, Napoleon flung himself on the mercy of the court. With the help of his lawyers, Napoleon was able to successfully argue that exile to Indiana University would be cruel and unusual punishment (cruel and unusual punishment having fallen out of fashion the pervious summer). Feeling sympathy for the former emperor, the court ruled that he be sent to Elba.

Indiana University is contains no windswept steppes.

Little 500[edit]

The little 500 is a race on big wheel plastic tricycles. Many fraternities participate, and much homoerotic activities takes place afterward.

School Colors include Cream and Crimson, thought to represent longtime IU basketball coach Bob Knight's two skintones. It is also hypothesized that the colors originate from the "Cream" color of masturbatory semen (because IU guys have no game and therefore are required to resort to homosexuality or masturbation), and "Crimson" to represent the blood of the aftermath of Purdue's annual lashing of Indiana University in the Old Oaken Bucket football game. Indiana University used to have a mascot, the Hoosier, until a 1952 groin-biting incident at the University of Chicago. The mascot subsequently retired from cheering, leaving the world to guess what the hell a Hoosier is, whereas the University of Chicago left the Big Ten with bitemarks on its groin.

Indiana University was ranked homosexual in the BCS Football rankings of 2006.