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I am typing this while on the run from various secret agents from the CIA, M16, PTA, FBI, and people pretending to be from all of the above agencies, so please excuse my speling. (In fact, I believe the only government agency that isnt pursueing me is FEMA, but that should suprise no one.)

The Indica Book Shop was a secret 1960s safe place for the justice-seeking, freedom-loving, world-wide scret organization known only as the Brotherhood of Endorsing Anonymous Transactions of Love, Equality, and Serenity, or the B. E. A. T. L. E. S, for short. The four lead members, whose names are guarded with utmost secrecy, used their undercover identity of a band to travel the world to help bring down the Man. Their safe place, finaced by their "bassist", code name The Cute One, helped organize followers and inspire new ideas for spreading their message]. Sadly, even this safe haven was infilterated, and the B. E. A. T. L. E. S. crushed.

The Fall[edit]

One day, the "lead singer", code name The Cynic, met a female artist at the Indica Book Shop. Little did he know that she was sent by the Powers That Be, to seduce him ,destroy the B. E. A. T. L. E. S., and cleverly engineer his death She succeeded, and the members, including code name The Quiet One and code name The Clown scattered. The Quiet One died shortly after The Cynic of sinister methods. The Cute One and the Clown live on.

HOWEVER, among us former B. E. A. T. L. E. S. followers, there is a rumor that the two "dead" B. E. A. T. L. E. S. actually live on, trapped by the enenmy. This is why i flee the law, aided by none, to get this all-too-important crystal decanter to my friends. Its secret will save us all...

They are closing in... NO!!... just a FEW more yards...................................................................................


I am typeing this from an undeerground dungeaon. it is dimly lit and i am to be executed, so please excuse my speling.

they think theyve won. but i have the last laugh. i have found a way to pass the decanter on. I am typing this so the world my kno the truth. Pass it on.

"Non Illegitmi Carborundum"

"Dont Let the bastards grind you down"


I have risen from the dead to edit this page. Are ya happy, uptight Uncyclopedia nerds??? I mean, proper spelling and grammer? I WAS BEING CHASED FOR MY LIFE AND THE FREAKING FUTURE OF THE FREAKING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no time to turn on spell check! What is this, the freaking Encyclopedia Britannica?