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omg informality TOTALLY FUKN ROOLZ!!!!!!111 its when U rite in a way thats like kinda casual, sorta like when you talk 2 your friens instead of your teachers who you hate. i hate my teachers 2. teachrs totally suck dik LOL.

when U write informally U dont need 2 wory about punctuation or gramar or spelling or anything stupid and retarded like thagt cuz UR not writing a paper for school or work any other totally retarded stufdf like that thats totally retarded OMg. the only peeple who write fomrally R those kids who suk like that girl in my class shes such a bittttchhhhhhhhhhh evryone hates her so much OMG. its like wtf leave me alone you ho.


informality was invented by some guy a long time ago but i forgot his name LOL. i dont remember much about what he did but he was seriosuly a cool guy cuz he invented like the best thing since internet pr0n. back thevn evrything was formal and stuff but then this guy was like "AW SHIT DOOD! WTF! THIS SUCKS!" so he wasnt fromal and it was totalty awesome. he was so fukn fukn fukn lyk cool its lyk totly unbelevable how cool this guy wuz OMg.


today all kinds of people R using informality cuz it totally fukn rocks and U no it. the other kind of riting formality is like totally gay just like those fukn emo kids i cant stand them omg. they always listen to crap liek green day and shit. anyways i write informal stuf all the time cuz its the bset even tho it got me a 56 in english class last quarter who cares bout school anyway. omfg i hate myenglish teacher hes such a prick. its like "get out of here you fukn fukn fukd up priiiiiick!!!111 i can write informal stuff if i want so stfu!!" omg teachers suck so mb bad cuz theyre all formal and its not cool i hate them.

in the workplace[edit]

peeple who work can be informal 2. but i wouldnt no cuz i refuse to work cuz society SUKKKZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!1111 but some people who work R informal and dont wear ties and shit. others are formald and they wear all that gay nerd crapbut they are totally fukn gay and they fukn suck and they fuknhave no fukn fukedc life fukn OMG fuk.].