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Inheritance is a popular Australian play by notable playwright and eco-terrorist Hannie Rayson, written in 0ABY. It deals with a myriad of issues concerning contemporary rural societies, Wookiee and aboriginal disposition, as well as the issue of Pauline Hanson's Human Supremacy League rise to power based on her appeal to rural xenophobia. The play is set in both the 'Mallee' region of Victoria and above the Fourth moon of Yavin. In 2006 AD, the play was made into a major motion picture.

Historical Background[edit]

'Inheritance' takes place in a period that was tumoltuous for both Australia and the Empire. Riding a wave of xenophobia and the blood of asians, Pauline Hanson was elected as an independent to the Australian Senate. Her campaign was based on the culling of asians and the displacing of Aboriginals and Wookiees, yet the rural areas voted her in. Hannie Rayson wrote 'Inheritance' as a way of conveying her disgust at this, and to warn people of the dangers of Racism and Prejudice.

Plot Outline[edit]

'Inheritance' starts off with the introduction of the Delaney family. The Delaneys's are arguing about over who in the family hates aboriginals the most. Lyle Delaney wins after punching out his daughters (Brianna and Ashliegh) and strangling his wife (Maureen). The next scene takes place in the Hamilton family residence, with a bunch of old people whining about their land, including city folk, Julia and her pansy of a son Felix, and the homosexual William. The two old twin sisters, Dibs and Girlie, are turning 80 and, realising that they will soon die, need to decide who will get it. Things are complicated by Dibs' adopted son, as he is an Aboriginal (Nugget). At the 80th birthday party of Dibs and Girlie, a fight breaks out, with Lyle strangling his wife again. Meanwhile, Dibs' and Girlies' brother Jekk Porkins is incinerated during the Rebel attack on the First Death Star. In the end, a few rural people die (Lyle, Farley), an alien lands and claims the farm, and Maureen Delaney becomes the local MP, with a similar campaign to that of Pauline Hanson. Joaquin Phoenix retakes the farm and repels the alien invasion with a baseball bat. Then joins his uncle in some fun.

Motion Picture[edit]

In 2006 AD, Inheritance was made into a major motion picture. With the tagline 'Country People are Dicks' and an all-star cast, the movie was a smash hit. It was directed by John Woo, and the screenplay was penned by none other but J.R.R Tolkien- making it the first ever screenplay to be written posthumously. Strangely, the movie included a narration, provided by Mark 'Barney' Greenway]of Napalm Death. The soundtrack was fittingly written and recorded by White Zombie. The movie was realsed on DVD thirty six seconds ago.



  • The first edition of the play was written backwards and in Urdu.
  • The character of Maureen was intended to be a critique of Pauline Hanson. In an ironic twist, Hanson was cast as Maureen!
  • In the creation of the Korean edition, Samuel L. Jackson was originally cast to play Joaquin Phoenix's role, but upon Joaquin's recent switch to rap stardom, the Koreans found it more fitting to cast Mel Gibson instead.
  • Due to budget restraints, the Death Star scenes in the stage version were portrayed through interpretive dance.
  • The character of Daniel Green, Chewbaccas' long lost ranga cousin, is an actual person who invented gravity before Newton while high on smack around 1589
  • The Megadeth song 'Psychotron' is based on Maureen Delaney.
  • It is against the Mongolian Arbitrary Orphanage Act to portray the ejaculation scene on stage with less than twelve males in the cast.

Factual Errors[edit]

  • Victorian people, even from the rural areas, do not bleed acid.
  • The Battle of Yavin did not coincide with the events of the play.
  • The scene in which Daniel Green flicks his pen in an annoying fashion has angered and outraged many viewers of this play, causing people to develop problems such as: severe depression, anorexia, and in rare cases Chronic Wanking Syndrome (although it is believed many males use this problem as an excuse for "whippin' up some sour cream")
  • In scene 88, Rayson describes the anatomy of a Wookiee incorrectly.
  • There is no farm implement, now or ever, in the shape of a disappointed horse, nor would it be able to destroy a politician.
  • Joaquin Phoenix is not Victorian, nor does he know how to play baseball.
  • Kevin Spacey plays the role of Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the role of a "Victorian"