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Inkheart, also known as Inkspell or, more commonly, Inkdeath, is a fantasy book written by the german Cornelia Funke, the creator of the funk music. The whole plot centers around Mo and his daughter, who share a very special power: being able of copyrighting book characters. As if no one could do that. The story was later adapted into a movie, which is so loosely based on the book that it is only about fascist propaganda.


The story begins when 12 year old Meggie sees a man called Dustfinger entering her house and asking for her father, who he calls "Silvertongue". She then is left alone in her bed while the two adults go away without giving her any explanation for the rest of the story; thus, neither Meggie nor the reader has any idea of what happened. Anyway, next day they move out of her house without any explanation to her aunt Elinor's house in Italy, a very rude woman who strongly obsesses books, just like the rest of the family. Then they are kidnapped by some guys that take them to a castle, where the villain Capricorn lives. They later find out that Dustfinger had betrayed them and had told Capricorn of their new location. It turns out Mo can bring characters out from books, and he brought out Capricorn, Basta (Capricorn's right hand man) and Dustfinger from a book called Inkheart, the story's namesake, at the expense of having his wife sucked into the book. Both Meggie and Elinor are now a little upset, because Teresa didn't died as they had expected. Capricorn then calls our heroes. He is a very devilish man who asks Mo to read out money and other things out of books of his choosing because his other reader,Darius had a stutter so every time he read a character out, there was something wrong with them such as a limp of squashed face. He reads out of a single book to save his daughter, a copy of One Thousand and One Nights to which money appears from nowhere as well as a young boy called Farid. Mo refuses to read again for the exact reason of controlling his powers, the anger of Capricorn who sends them to the dungeons after burning the only copy of Inkheart the crew had. Dustfinger saves them with a copy of The Wizard of Oz so that Mo can read something out of it to get them out of there because Dustfinger wanted Mo to read him back into the book and they all go to Italy where they meet Fenoglio, Inkheart's author (see below). to ask about another copy of Inkheart so Mo can read out Resa from it which Fenoglio has somewhere in his attic but can't find it and while Mo searches and Dustfinger waits outside with Farid due to his fear of learning what happens to him, Fenoglio and Meggie are kidnapped by Capricorn into the Vatican again a little while after Meggie learns that she also has her father's gift by reading Toto out of The Wizard of Oz. There they discover a woman that seems to be Meggie's mom and Mo's wife and afterwards, she is taken to Capricorn and is told she is to read The Shadow. Believing to be a weapon of mass destruction, she refuses, so they lock her up in Capricorn's Castle which leaves them time to come up with the plan of reading something Fenoglio writes in the cell instead of Inkheart. Then Meggie's father invades castle with Farid and Dustfinger who start lighting the castle on fire while Mo sneaks in to grab Meggie and Fenoglio. Throughout this, Meggie reads the passage that Fenoglio wrote which brings Shadow out of the book but with the memories of the victims used to make it and it swallows Capricorn while all the characters locked up in the dungeon go back to their stories and Capricorn's men turn to paer and melt away. The family is reunited and the movie ends with a fairy creature flying past as the camera pans away.


  • Mortimer: The protagonist of the story, who can summon characters out of their books by reading out loud.
  • Meggie: Mo's daughter, a sweet girl who inherited her father's gift.
  • Teresa: Meggie's mom and Mo's wife, who was put into Fenoglio's book Inkheart and stayed there until Capricorn's reader Darius took her out, albeit mute. She is then rescued by her husband daughter and they live together from that point on.
  • Elinor: The crazy aunt who absolutely adores books. Very rude as well, until she reveals her kind and courageous nature in the end.
  • Dustfinger: A character from Inkheart who was read out of Inkheart when Teresa was put in. A fire eater and juggler in his world.
  • Farid: A muslim boy who is constantly belittled and abused by people in his storyuntil he is read out by Mo. Had a bromance with Dustfinger until the end.
  • Capricorn: A villainous, evil man read out of Inkheart by Mo at the same time as Dustfinger and the main antogonist of the film and book.
  • Gwin: A little horned marten and Dustfinger's friend. He is with Dustfinger all the time and helps with the escape from Capricorn's village by stealing the key off of Mortola.
  • Mortola: Capricorn's mom, she's compared to a magpie as her only defining feature.
  • Basta: Capricorn's servant. His most trusted man and given the most responsibility.
  • The Shadow: Capricorn's evil creation who is made out of his victims. Meggie reads it out but makes it remember the pain it's and Capricorn's victims felt and then turns on Capricorn and his men.

The paradox[edit]

Inkheart is a book written by Cornelia Funke that is about a book of the same name written by Fenoglio. However, because real books are present as well, common sense would say the book Inkheart is about should also be real. However, the only book called Inkheart is Inkheart, written by Cornelia Funke, which is about the book Inkheart and thats why it is called Inkheart.

The movie[edit]

New Line Cinema made a movie adaptation of Inkheart, which is much better than the book because it has less paradoxes and more porn.

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