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RAID is the only contraceptive device allowed by the Catholic church. All body parts must be blessed before application, then shown to a priest afterwards to check for holiness. Well thats what our priest always does....

Other Uses[edit]

RAID can also stand for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Dicks, and is a term describing a group of hired gentlemen who are involved in a Bukkake ceremony.

RAID has also been known to stand for Random Anal Infection Device. RAID appears to be similar to a stool but this is only due to its construction in Japan by Ninjas. If you sit on a RAID device a huge rubber dildo will explode into your anus depositing a fun and safe quantity of a random infection. Infections may include such popular choices as gonorrhea, syphilis, or for those lucky winners scabies.

A new emerging fad involving raid is huffing raid. RAID has been discovered to have no side effects, and it also cures diseases such as alcoholism and Downs Syndrome.

Hallucinogenic Drug[edit]

RAID is's inhalent of choice. Members of the friendly internet forum frequently encourage each other to experience the awe-inspiring and life-transforming effects of the drug. Several users have complained about the health effects of inhaling RAID but these 'risks' are generally considered to be part of a government funded conspiracy to stop young people from having fun.

Kills Bugs Fast![edit]

But not too fast. Actually, the chemical in RAID inhibits ordinary nerve function, forcing the insects to slowly lose the ability to breathe, and they die a long, agonizing suffocation while they essentially choke to death on their own mucus. Recent scientific studies of insect brain activity has proven this way of dying is definitely more painful than being roasted slowly on a spit over a low fire.

Spiderman's Weakness[edit]

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