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Insult comedy is a form of comedy that does not require much talent at all. It simply consists of the comic performing in front of a group of people, milling about the crowd, and making fun of individuals in the crowd. In that sense, it is a lot like middle school except people are paying for this to happen to them. Insult comedy is typically performed in Las Vegas show lounges or at strip clubs (often the same thing), and is often done in order to warm up the audience before the main show.

Typical Targets[edit]

Insult comics tend to find particular targets who are often too stupid, too fat, or too poor to fight back called "marks" within their audience. The following is a brief list of typical marks.

Fat people[edit]

Fat people are typical targets often because they are just too fat to come to the stage and start laying the smack-down on the comedian. Sometimes, fat people are just too drunk by this point that they do not notice that the comedian is making fun of them and often point to thinner members of the audience and call them "fat" Examples:

  • Hello sir, you're looking swell tonight, for an elephant.
  • I hear you have a glandular problem. Really you're just fat.


  • Considering that you have to be pretty dang lonely to spend your time insulting everything, this comes naturally to most insult comics.


  • All alone tonight sir? Well I guess that "my parents won't be in tonight doesn't really work as a pick-up line."


  • Everyone knows that only ugly freaks are bald! double points for people with hairpieces.


People different than you are just oh-so funny. And the audience, also full of racist jackasses probably agrees. No examples for this, just make a weird accent.


If a comic insults only minorities, unless he himself is a minority, he will be branded as racist for the rest of his days, so obviously the solution to this is to make fun of yourself. Typical jokes are,

Target audience[edit]

Of course, some people are spared from insult comics' wrath, most notably teenagers. These have been excluded from "the list" mostly because insulting teenagers is "not cool". And they may commit suicide. Others include overweight men still mentally in the mysogonistic, racist 50's.

Notable Insult Comics[edit]

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