Internation Insanity Institution

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The Internation Insanity Institution or I.I.I. is a joint project by the evil company Google and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Have you been Huffing Kittens again?

Founded in 1996 the I.I.I. became a run away success. Due to an amazing boost in membership sales the I.I.I. managed to gather enough funds to pay for research into the Water powered bus. The I.I.I.'s HQ is in the communist city Atlantis. The I.I.I. has recenty been accused of abbducting and having 'surprise sex' (rape) with Billy the wonder dog. The I.I.I. is currently undergoing anal 'probing' by Osama Bin Laden. The Internation Insanity Institution has been somewhat inactive lately as the leaders are currently arguing over the theological debate: Why did the chicken cross the road?

“I was only probing it because I thought it was a donkey”

~ Osama Bin Laden on probing the I.I.I.

Become a member[edit]

People wishing to become a member must meet or do all of the following criteria and things