International Do Not Call List

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Everywhere around the world there are people who are either inconvenient to listen to or extremely offensive. Telemarketers have a collective online document containing every name and every phone number in the residing country, that shall not be called.

Here is the list: Sue,

I wish that the Sunrocket did, calls my number every freaking day. And I am at the point of calling the police or someone else. I am so tired of these people

George Dubya Bush[edit]

Beacuse he is so uncomprehendable telemarketers decided that he is to dumb to buy their crappy products.

Kerry Packer[edit]

On the list beacuse telemarketers were a fan of "Naughtiest Home Videos".

Mr. T and Chuck Norris[edit]

Only people cool enough for telemarketers respect.

William Hung[edit]

Was called up and started to sing. nuff said.

Gordon Ramsay[edit]

Never actually been called and they would like to leave it that way.

Kim Jong-Ill[edit]

Hes building nukes so i don't think telemarketers would even try.

Brother Kyle[edit]

Doesn't own a phone because when they called him up he crushed it within his fist.

The Grinch[edit]

Since Christmas is a vital time to sell things telemarketers don't want to push it.

Bill Gates[edit]

Paid the entire registration fee.

Andrew Brown[edit]

Was called up he tried to sell spuds to the telemarketer. Since they refused the next day he hunted them down and bitch slapped the telemarketer.

Barry Hall[edit]

Called him when he was on the bench that very game he punched Brent Staker and got 7 weeks.