Internet Slang and It's Uses

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Internet slang consists of many terms and abbreviations. Common internet slang and abbreviations are rofl, lol, owned, pwned, y0 m0mma (note the zeros are very important, otherwise it would be "gangsta"), and lmao.

Within these you can have combinations. You can combine lol and lmao with a lot of the abbreviations for example; roflol stands for Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud, or roflmao which stands for Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

Common Gaming Terms[edit]

There are many terms used by gamers around the world. The most common of which is " Owned ". The term " to Own " is a verb and is described by the 0xFoRdZz G4M1NG Xx D1CT10N4RY xX as " To completely humiliate and beat your opponent into a bitch like state in which they cannot regain respect from their gaming peers and social group. "

When an opponent gets Owned they will never admit it and insults will fly. However, unless you are playing against a 12 year old then the best insult you will get out of them is y0 m0mma and most of these 12 year olds have the mental capacity of a mentally ill goldfish and don't understand what is meant by the term " doggystyle ".


-Pronouced Ponewned- Only mentally deficient chipmunks pronounce it as " p00ned " and if anyone is caught doing so should be pulled outside and shot.

The word Pwned originated from the word Owned. There are many religious beliefs based around the word pwned. Atheism is one of the beliefs as Atiiests believe that God got Pwned and so there for the Big Bang took place. One of the reasons of God getting pwned was getting a round house kick to the face by the apparently almighty Chuck Norris or the other story of God farting into a lighter and killing himself.

However the other, more realistic belief of the origins of the word Pwned is that an obese and sausage fingered kid was typing to his cyber girlfriend on an Instant Messaging program and was so excited that his fat, hotdog, sausage fingers hit both the "P" and the "O" keys and created the word "Powned" (which then later became shortened to "Pwned").