Interstate 12

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Interstate 12
Part of the Jerry Seinfeld Interstate Highway System
Length: 85 miles
Form: Marsh
West End: I-10, in Baton Bleu.
Major Junctions: I-55, near Hammond.
Some US Route Somewhere
East End: I-10/I-59 near your 2nd father's house.

Interstate 12 (AKA Intrastate-Interstate Road Twelve or 12) is an interstate located entirely in Louisiana due to funding for US Project 55-A - Operation: Hanky-Pankering. The Interstate starts in the west where it branches off from Interstate 10 (Uncyclopedia accepts no responsibility for you traversing that area of Interstate.) and ends at the rebranch of Interstate 59 (No matter, we're still not taking responsbility, tough luck, get your own money.). The Interstate is also known at the "West Florida Parkway", but this area was 5 degrees under the standard Floridian temperatures, so they were kicked out and the 'Parkway' simply became that road.

This interstate should've really have been a triple-digit interstate, but then again, the sign makers were on a drinking binge so they accidentally mixed a Wikipedian Interstate with that of this one. Who's laughing now, eh Jimbo?!

Nonetheless, the proper number for this interstate should've been Interstate 810, due to reasons kept secret by the FBI. That interstate now runs between Memory Alpha and Wookieepedia at Wikipedia.

Major Cities[edit]

Despite this interstate running only through Louisiana, it is under the control of Canada through a national trade pact for poutine. Major cities are in italics, as it's the Canadian way, eh?

Intersections with other Interstates[edit]

One interstate links to another, and the smaller, the more intersections with other interstates. Commuting just became more fun and frustrating! What fun!

Interstates listed in order from west to east.

List of Exits[edit]

This is a list of major exits, not the ones the farmers like to use to cause vehicle congestion and road rage.

Warning - Vehicle must be able to take flight on these highways or you will be charged with a $10 fine.


  • Due to damage by Hurricane Katrina on the Interstate 10, Interstate 12 temporarily became 'Interstate 10-The Second'. This resulted in massive congestion requiring a mass expansion of the interstate. After the Interstate 10 was reopened in New Orleans, residents realised that Interstate 12 had become too large, thus it was converted into a Airport Runway-Interstate. After nearby residents complained of the landing planes and continuous crashes, the government baught out the nearby residents and widened the interstate even more. The residents, upset about the loss of their farms, revolted by going to Texas, only to find that their vehicles couldn't handle the state's road speed limits. When the residents complained again, the US government gave them a complementary ham and sent them to Canada.
  • A new interchange is being planned at Juban road. Retailers are asked to call (123) 555-1701 for building opportunities, new billboard ads (currently 470 available) and tall signs (must be hurricane resistant). Local residents are asked to call (123) 382-5633 for information on these changes.

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