Interstate 84

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This is a weird- ass highway because they're two of them. Some would say I- 84 goes undercover from its first half to its second, but no one believes that.

1st part: It follows a big boi river (Columbia River) through a really pretty gorge that some idiot teens burned down with a firework, then through desert, then some small mountains, more desert, a snakey river, Potato Land (Idaho), farms, a little more desert + mountains, Mormon Land (Utah), and ends at a small Mormon outpost.

2nd part: It starts in Scranton, where the only reason people visit is because of The Office. It goes east through some tiny mountains (more like hills,) northern New York suburbs, another big boi river (Hudson River), more suburbs, suburbs, Connecticut, suburbs, Hartford, suburbs, and an icy little Massachusetts town to end.

I think the 1st part's better, to be honest.