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This article contains material related to Japanese animation and was done by an Otaku. Don't be scared by the huge eyes and enormous tits.

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Warning: If you're not into anime, androgynous dog people, or bestiality then avoid this show like the flip-floppin' plague u got it?
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about InuYasha.

InuYasha, 犬夜叉 full title, "Inuyasha: A Feudal Fucking Fairy Tale", is the shittiest anime and manga series in the history of forever. It was written by romance novelist Rob Schneider. It is highly probable he was high at the time, but as it was written in 1921 under the working title of "How to kill hearts" (in reference to Inuyasha's constant ignorance of Kagome's feelings) so people ate it up.

The story is about Inuyasha's group wandering around the feudal era searching for a magical jewel witch contained over 150 episodes of anime. There is a lot of fluff. Naraku, the villain of the story, wants Kagome's Family Jewels; which are basically steroids for monsters.

The title was changed to InuYasha in reference to the In-you-ash-Ha! sexual position as a prank by some college students in 1973. This resulted in a jump of sales figures by 137% and so the title was retained.


The story takes place when Kagome Higurashi travels through time with the help of her family's well, and not a blue box, ending up in feudal Japan. She then ends up starring in one of those lame-ass "ZOMG! LEZ GO ON UH SEARCH!" anime's that DOES NOT END! Seriously. Another title could be "How To Continue a Series." Along with the main character (WHO THE SHOW IS NAMED AFTER) Inuyasha, is Kagome and Sango- both feminist PETA members, and Miroku- a drunken perverted gambler. Oh! and a squirrel kid named Shippou- claiming to be 150 (FAKE ID). The show contains the exploits of these people searching for the shards of the Shilkon jewel, against some Bill Cosby impersonator named Naruaku trying to steal the shards before they do. pffft. typical.


Inuyasha's Party[edit]


Party: Sexy Tessaiga is Sexy

Inuyasha is a level 35 427 187 167 "main" Character. He was arrested fifty years ago for illegally manufacturing diamonds with his sword and was imprisoned by none other than his then girlfriend Kikyo. After his release he discovered that Naraku had framed him and he now holds a grudge against Naraku. He hates the world, because everyone loves his hotter older brother more and because Naraku killed his girlfriend. Subsequently, his brother also hates the world because Inuyasha got the cool sword in the family (no lie).

Inuyasha can attack by scratching his enemies with his fingernails, even though it is much more effective to use the Tessaiga, a sword made from a bong in a rare instance of reverse bong construction. The sword grants him +12% damage against demons and enables him to use certain special spells:

Inuyasha Hates Bleach to DEATH!
  • Wind Scar: Shows a German pornographic video to the wind in the area, scarring it for life so that it goes bat fuck insane and blows shit up. At first he could only obtain the videos by pressing keys in a certain order on the search engine but later the demon Ryukotsusei taught him how to change his keyboard settings, allowing him to use umlauts and other German characters much more easily.
  • Backlash Wave: The Tessaiga transforms into a surfboard, allowing Inuyasha to ride an enemy's attack for a short time. Once he's had his fun, Inuyasha gets serious again and obliterates his opponent with the Wind Scar.
  • Red Tetsusaiga: The Tessaiga turns red (surprise!). Inuyasha is then followed by n00bs who offer assorted crap for his 'd2h'.
  • Adamant Barrage: This spell shoots diamonds at the enemy. This move is banned as a form of counterfeiting.
  • X-Buster: A powerful weapon that can assimilate a robot's weapons into itself. Since there are no robots in Feudal Japan, he traveled to the present day and sold it to Dr. T. Light. He then spent the money on potato chips.
Inuyasha using the "Ridiculous Crossover" attack.
  • Ridiculous Crossover (anime only): By using the Backlash Wave just as the show is going to commercial, Inuyasha can create a glitch that causes other [adult swim] programs to merge with the show. While this did save his life once, Inuyasha has since abstained from using it, as the appearance of non-anime characters freaked him, and the anime fans, the hell out.


Promotional image of Kagome huffing kittens.

Kagome is a level 2 Teenager. Kagome climbed down a well after playing the Song of Storms at the nearest windmill. However, she climbed down the wrong well and instead of finding the Eye of Truth she wound up in Feudal Japan, where she met Inuyasha. At first he thought she was just some creepy stalker who was copying his ex girlfriend then he realised that she is hotter than Kikyo and changes his mind. Initially she followed him as a sidekick but she was promoted to partner when the even more pathetic Shippo joined the group.

While she does possess some useful archery attacks, Kagome's main purpose in the series is as a source of fan services. She wears a short skirt at all times and is shown naked more than any other character. The fans have no objection to this.

Throughout the series there is a significant amount of sexual tension between Kagome and Inuyasha. This is complicated by the resurrection of Inuyasha's sometimes ex, Kikyo. Due to his canine nature, Inuyasha sees no problem with polygamy, but Kagome often gets very jealous, with hilarious results.

Everytime Kikyo shows up from the dead, Kagome will walk in on Inuyasha and Kikyo. But Inuyasha doesn't care. In fact, he doesn't even figure out why Kagome is often angry with him more than half the time.

Kagome does love InuYasha. That's why Kikyo was not very nice to Kagome (D:) In fact Kagome and Kikyo are soulmates, Kikyo is the brain of all the anime and always has a plan B but Kagome ends up saving Kikyo more times than Inuyasha.

Shippo: Who're you gonna pick, Inuyasha? Kikyo or Kagome?
Inuyasha: I don't suppose I could have both?
Shippo: Like hell you can't, you two-timing little bastard.
Miroku: Aaah, I see....
Inuyasha: WHAT??
Miroku: It is quite a problem for men like us.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Miroku: its one thing to keep it a secret, but it either girl should find out....
Kagome: You BASTARD!!! SIT!!! (her way or bitchslapping Inuyasha for no reason)
Miroku: That's right. very BIIIIIG SIT.
Inuyasha: >.<


Shippo is a level 500 Annoying Kitsune. He joined Inuyasha and Kagome after running away from home. His parents at first went insane with worry, but eventually came to believe and accept that he had died in the wilderness. Shippo serves as a source of cuteness and comic relief, but otherwise has no value to the series whatsoever. Shippo is worthless in a fight. He does have some illusory powers but they are not good enough to have any noteworthy effect on the outcome of a battle. They are, however, good enough to put on a street performance when Miroku's enterprising fails.

Whilst he's useless in battle, due to his size and cuteness, Shippo is good to stun most people with his kawainess for food and shelter. When that doesn't work, Shippo is forced to pickpocket most feudal lords and manga-ka when there's severe lack of money, a thing he's very ashamed about. He usually never stays away from Kagome's vision for 85% of the manga and for good reason, as the party is consisted of a rabid homicidal canine, a fox demon slayer, and a priest.


Miroku is a level 1069 Perverted Monk. It's not known exactly what kind of monk, but he is generally assumed to be from a very open minded sect of Buddhism. Not being able to masturbate (See paragraph below), means he has a substantial libido but his approach of asking women to bear his children is utterly ineffective. While it should be obvious, he remains oblivious to the problem with this method. His friends have done nothing to help: Inuyasha is insane, Shippo is a child, and Kirara is a cat. None of those faults have stopped Miroku from trying to sleep with them, either. Sango and Kagome see the problem, but they think it's funny to see Miroku fail. They're bitches like that, until Sango gets with him and they have three kids.

Some years ago Miroku bought a high power vacuum cleaner from Naraku to help him clean a shrine. However, a defect in the device caused it to fuse with Miroku's hand. By this time Naraku had skipped town and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Miroku now seeks Naraku so that he can file suit.

Despite his anger over Naraku's crime, Miroku has adopted a similar method of making money. He will often take advantage of the ignorance of medieval people by offering pseudoscientific products and services such as astrology, palm reading, lucky charms, and miracle cures. So far only Inuyasha and Shippo have shown any objection to this.

Miroku uses his vacuum hand against swarms of demons but unfortunately Naraku's deadly deadly bees poison him when he inhales them. When said bees are present, Miroku attacks by throwing magic Pokémon cards at his enemy. When these cards hit a demon the Pokémon inside comes out and attacks, but since the card burns up as this happens, the creature quickly disappears and rarely gets more than one hit on the demon.

Miroku is sometimes accompanied by his attorney, Hachi, a level 20 raccoon dog. Hachi, like Shippo, has no real fighting powers and can only temporarily deceive enemies.

He now plays for Manchester United and Japanese Football Team.

Update: Miroku was sued for sexual harassment after checking out a hot ass of a secretary (actually a member of the feminist N.O.W.) at his office job in San Francisco. He had to register as a sex offender and instructs a rape prevention class as community service.


In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Sango is a level 456 Demon Slayer. She and a few other Slayers were once called in by Naraku to deal with a bad spider infestation. However, it turns out they were roaches, which are a million times creepier. Only Sango and her brother Kohaku were left alive after the battle. Meanwhile, Naraku had sent his goons to raid Sango's underwear drawer, but they got reckless and destroyed her whole village instead. Naraku saw in this an opportunity to kill his nemesis Inuyasha. He gave Sango a shard of the Sacred Jewel to make her think her hitpoints were higher than they actually were and then told her that Inuyasha had destroyed her village. This plan failed completely and left Inuyasha one Jewel shard richer.

Miroku used to make frequent advances on Sango but ceased when she threatened to file for harassment.

Sango mainly attacks by throwing a ridiculously large boomerang at the enemy which can cause up to a million HP loss. Even she doesn't know how it flies, but the most likely theory is that it was fashioned from part of a Zerg Guardian (kekeke).


Kirara (an Engrish word meaning Kilala) is a level 536 Kitty. Though normally appearing as an adorable two tailed kitten, Kirara can transform into a scary flaming tiger, as Kagome discovered when trying to huff the creature. Kirara mainly serves as a flying transport. Being a cat, she has very few lines.

Naraku's Party[edit]


“Naraku... you think you're the real demon. YOU THINK YOU'RE DARKER THAN MEE! Well, that's your own opinion, because next week, I am going to show to the creatures of the night that you are half of what you claim to be, and heaven help me that when I beat you and tear you to the pieces that you are and throw you down in your bottomless grave, you would still be a fourth of the demon you really are. NARAKU... REST IN PIECESSS!”

~ The Undertaker on Naraku

Naraku is a level 3283 Charlatan. He started his career as a bandit by the name of Onigumo, but had to change his name after after pissing off a more powerful bandit, who tried to have him killed. Laying low for a while, Naraku turned to selling his body to demons in exchange for power. When he had a fair amount of demonic power, he decided to start looking for the Sacred Jewel shards. However, because of his character class Naraku was a poor fighter and had to rely instead on tricking other demons into killing each other so that he could have his deadly deadly bees take their shards in the aftermath. He proved to be a shrewd investor in this area, often giving Jewel shards to demons and sending them to fight Inuyasha's party.

Eventually Naraku had enough shards to create better minions than the bees and useless generic demons he had been using to that point. All of these provided excellent boss battles for Inuyasha and his companions.

Naraku, shown here waiting for the bus.

As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that the reason behind Naraku's incessant scamming is to feed his addictions to plastic surgery and body modification. This is first hinted at by Miroku, who has been unable to hunt him down due to his tendency to change faces (although, in all fairness, he may have developed this addiction while in hiding from the mafia.) Throughout the course of the series, he is shown receiving needless organ transplants. Following a failed attempt to kill Sesshomaru and harvest his organs, he again goes into hiding and is later found hiding in a random cave grafting the amputated body parts from various demon onto himself for no good reason.

Naraku is also a damn Undertaker rip-off. He claims that he is the Lord of Darkness. But theres going to be hell to pay.

Naraku's relentless scamming earned him many enemies, and so he generally kept his location a secret while sending his minions to run errands. However, an attempt at conning Sesshomaru revealed his location to both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Naraku was forced to find a new base of operations, but with really nowhere else to go, he had to stay in his mom's basement for a while.This explains why he never dies despite having everything thrown at him but a nuke...which I'm pretty certain didn't exist in FEUDAL JAPAN!?!?!??!?

After about five months, his mom kicked him out, complaining that his minions wouldn't keep quiet. Naraku was forced to move to a shack in the middle of nowhere and conduct his business from there.

Naraku mainly attacks by cooking really bad miso soup. Other than that he delegates everything to his subordinates.

During his last battle with Inuyasha, Naraku was (kayfabe) kidnapped along with Kanna, Kagura and Musou by the Undertaker in order to build back his Ministry of Darkness in the WWF. As of this moment, The Naraku Family were brainwashed and serves as the Undertaker's minions and no news was ever heard from them again.

Also after the end of Episode 167:

Naraku: Konnichiwa Toriyama-san.

Akira: I've been expecting you. I was just looking at your job experience...

Naraku: So how does it look do I get the Job?

Akira: There are some things in your profile which confuses me.

Naraku: Yes...

Akira: You were the main villain in Inuyasha, and you appeared more often than any villain of any long running anime series.

Naraku: That's right. *grins*

Akira: Then how come you're not dead even after 167 episodes?

Naraku: That's because I'm strong.

Akira: That's not what these episode reviews say. According to this it seems you were merely indulging in hide and seek most of the time.

Naraku: So? What wrong with a little hide and seek?

Akira: Your main motive was to kill Kikyo, Inuyasha and get the jewel shards was it not?

Naraku: That was my main motive until I decided that creating über-lame drama is better.

Akira: What? On 2 occasions in the series your barrier was unbreakable by anyone. You could have easily killed off the entire gang. But you just let Inuyasha(who was Kikyo's ally) go. This happened on several occasions and you hid as usual. Are you stupid?

Naraku: NO! Like I said my motive in Inuyasha was to create drama in the series. Fan Girls dig that kind of stuff.

Akira: But you almost got yourself killed in several occasions. Are you so devoid of basic common sense to realize that those people are dangerous to your life?

Naraku: Hey look at me, I'm alive aren't I? So it undoubtedly proves that emo pointless drama > common sense.

Akira: So basically you're saying that you're an idiot whose existence was to create drama for fan girls?

Naraku: Well...

Akira: Not only that, what was the point of reviving Kohaku? There are many fighters better than kohaku worth reviving.

Naraku: Well because kohaku is Sango's little brother. But Sango hates me, thus creating another hate-triangle. Which in turn generates more emo drama in the series.

Akira: There you go with the drama crap again. And Kagura, you know she's betraying you why can't you just kill her and create a new off-spring. Is creating a new improved off-spring that much difficult. And why are you hiding your baby in a castle? Wouldn't hiding it in a deep underground cave be a more suitable place?

Naraku: Not at all. It's just that Kagura has a relationship with Kouga, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and me ofcourse. Not the relationship which you think, since Sesshoumaru is Gay, Inuyasha already has 2 annoying witches, and Kouga smells nasty. I mean a love-hate relationship between the characters, and thus it creates a soap opera which ropes in more dumb fan girls. Isn't it perfect?

Akira: Enough! More of this nonsense and I'll...

Naraku: Toriyama-san, you don't look happy.

Akira: Naraku...

Naraku: Yes.

Akira: You're not the perfect candidate for this job. Infact I'd never select you even if you were the last being alive.

Naraku: W..Why?

Akira: Basically we are selecting a new villain for a brand new series which requires...

Naraku: I know what DragonballX requires.. shouting, looking constipated, fighting endlessly for 750435 episodes, and then dying. I can manage that.

Akira: W..w.What? That's not the only thing my show will have. It'll have a lot more.

Naraku: Yes... forgot about the Dragon balls. It's the same as Inuyasha. Except we used Demons, soul catchers, Jewel shards and spirits to revive people from the dead. So I already have a lot of exposure to your series' main theme.

Akira: Forget it. I don't think you can... First of all you're a bishie. Second you're a dumb ass. And Third you're a terrible villain. Not to mention...[Naraku interrupts]

Naraku: I'm afraid I can't accept that *brings out the poison whip thingie*. You get me in or you're dead.

Akira: *shudders* Never!!!

Naraku: Wrong answer! *swings the whip*

Akira: Nooooooo.. *wakes up* *breathes heavily* *and drops the desire to make a new dragon ball series, thus saving the world from you now what*

Deadly Deadly Bees[edit]

Naraku has a seemingly infinite supply of bees at his disposal. They are mainly useful for reconnaissance, and they prevent Miroku, who is highly allergic to bee stings, from using his vacuum hand. Handy for lengthening otherwise short arcs.

Osama Bin Laden[edit]

While Bin Laden was planning a bombing Yoda, he met Naraku. They eventually realized they could kill Inuyasha and bomb the Republic. Osama was shortly killed by Kagome when she recognized Osama from her time. Even though he was shortly killed after being introduced to the show, he played a good part. His most important scene was when he shot Inuyasha, then Inuyasha beat the hell out of him.

Generic Demons[edit]

Naraku often sends an army of comically inept demons to attack his enemies. They can kill many peasants but are ineffective against everything else. They appear often due to Naraku's need to fix his hair before leaving the evil lair which can take hours.

Good Minions[edit]

After finding enough Sacred Jewel Shards, Naraku was able to asexually divide and make entirely new demons. These demons are much more capable than the losers he had been using up to that point. Most of these were killed, but they still lasted a hell of a lot longer than any other demons in the series.


Kanna was a level 56 Little Girl. She specialized in installing cameras on other demons, particularly the deadly deadly bees. She carried a mirror which served as a remote monitor for these cameras. In combat she used her mirror to reflect an enemy's attacks, but in one episode she mistakenly grabbed a real mirror and when shooting began the mirror broke in her face, causing her temporary blindness which lasted 12 seconds. She appears to be a little girl in the video game but the actress playing her is in fact 76 years old.

Like most people, Kanna was extremely annoyed by Shippo and eventually she decided to kill him, which catastrophically backfired, killing her. Forensic evidence concluded it had been suicide.


Kagura was a level (!) Wind Sorceress. While she was the first to appear in the series, Kanna was the first good minion to be created.

Kagura had a habit of breaking out in song and dance at inopportune moments. She is the sexiest demon in the manga. She totally shows her boobs at every opportune moment.

Like most women of the time, Kagura totally had the hots for Sesshomaru. However, since Sesshomaru was an open enemy of Naraku (and a not-so open homosexual) she was not allowed to date him. Because of this, she went ahead and revealed a ton of information on Naraku to Sesshomaru, at which point Naraku stuck his tentacles into her chest with ink, and fired her. After this, she asked Sesshomaru on a date, but he refused because he believed she would be a bad influence on Rin. Soon after, she disappears and becomes one with the wind. Inuyasha pities her and wonders if she was suffering.


Goshinki was a level 65 Stoner. One day he got the munchies really bad and started eating a whole village. Inuyasha and company arrived at that same village as he was eating it. Because they were really looking forward to getting some sake in that village, the six of them were all very pissed off about this, so they attacked Goshinki and killed him. Goshinki's bong was later reverse constructed into the sword Tokijin.

Jeromaru and Kagaromaru[edit]

Jeromaru and Kagaromaru, both level 49, were created as a comedy team to provide Naraku with a source of supplementary income. Kagaromaru played the odd persona while Jeromaru played straight man. However, when Koga heckled them, they attacked him. Kagome ordered Inuyasha to help Koga and after a lengthy fight, both Jeromaru and Kagaromaru were killed.


Hakudoshi was a level 71 Executioner. He started out as a creepy albino baby but later evolved into a creepy kid with a mullet. From that point he served as Naraku's executor. He committed countless atrocities to further Naraku's ends. However, this earned Naraku a lot of bad publicity, and Naraku eventually arranged a little 'accident' for the boy.

Hakudoshi had the ability to form a layer of plasma shielding around himself. Naraku helped Inuyasha's party kill him by leaving an abandoned science vessel in their path.


Entei was a flaming Pokémon that could move super fast, shoot lasers from its eyes, and spit nukes from the sky. Hakudoshi captured him while traveling trough the Johto Region after having captured a level 3 Wolf Demon. After that he was hit with a Stoner ray from Tokijin. Entei then used hidden power to make Hakudoshi virtually unstoppable by getting a Cap. He nearly killed Inuyasha, but Inuyasha used the Ridiculous Crossover in an act of desperation. Frylock, Maj. Kusanagi, and Hiro Nohara all distracted the horse, giving Dr. Orpheus the ideal opportunity to dispatch it to the void. He likes Ramen.


Moryomaru started out as an experimental tank. While it looked promising, the project proved to be more expensive than expected and was discontinued.


A level 50 Fashion Designer, Byakuya was created to design a new line of clothing for Naraku to sell so that he could get rich and buy the last remaining Jewel Shards on eBay. Though he looks fabulous, Byakuya is actually a pedophile, and dreams of one day starting his own company and making the sexiest children's clothing ever.

Byakuya can't actually attack, but he can summon extremely vivid illusions, most of which show Kagome, Rin, and/or Kohaku doing the darndest things.

He is not to be confused with Byakuya Kuchiki from BLEACH.


Sorry, wrong page. But she's hot anyways...LOLZ.

Sesshomaru's Party[edit]

This image has absolutely nothing to do with Inuyasha. However, this article is awful long and we think pictures help liven it up.


Sesshomaru is a level 9394 Poodle Lord. He is Inuyasha's badass older brother and is by far the most popular character in the series. Why? We do not know. Sesshomaru is extremely popular with females and males alike because he's a transvestite. He wears a boa, has makeup on his cheeks and wears white after Labor Day. Why? We think the answer is pretty obvious. He is also related to Michael Phelps and Carmine.

At first, Sesshomaru opposed Inuyasha because he wanted the Tetsusaiga, the sword Inuyasha inherited from their father. His own sword, the Tenseiga, is completely ineffective as a weapon but was made from the water in the same bong that became Tetsusaiga and can bring dead people back to life. (Which is very ironic considering Sesshomaru's ridiculously viscous nature.) This is obviously not very useful in a fight. He usually only uses it on some one to annoy the hell out of them by slashing someone with it over and over again.

During one of his attempts to claim the Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru lost an arm in combat. For a while he tried attaching the arms of various other demons to himself, but they kept falling off and eventually he realized that, that doesn't work. He now stalks Inuyasha and attempts to get him to use the Ridiculous Crossover so that he can enter the Fullmetal Alchemist universe and get a badass automail arm like Edward Elric's.

Like Inuyasha, Sesshomaru can attack with his fingernails, but they seem to have some sort of fungus and can severely poison those he hits with them. He can also whip a guy just by pointing at him. His sword, Tokijin, is a very powerful weapon. It is rumored to be able to kill grues, but a lack of dark caves in Feudal Japan has impeded testing of this theory. However, he was able to parry a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris using the sword, so its power cannot be denied.He also hates Itachi from Naruto for playing the exact same role,but doing it much better.(Also Inuyasha is Sasuke's rival).

Although you are probably thinking that Sesshomaru is gay, he is actually a pedophile. The only time he has ever shown kindness to a human was when he brought Rin back to life. Since then she has traveled around with him.


Jaken is a level 6315 Sycophant. Jaken is, for the most part, a worthless little imp. He mainly got to where he is by sucking up to Sesshomaru. He is a poor sidekick and serves mainly as a source of comic relief.

Jaken carries a flame thrower but spends too little time fighting and too much time yammering on about Sesshomaru. He has yet to win a battle unassisted.


Rin is a level 47 Little Girl. Sesshomaru abducted her from her village after bringing her back to life.

While Little Girls can eventually become very powerful supportive spellcasters, they are very weak early on. Sesshomaru exercises great discretion when deciding what battles to allow her to enter. Currently her most powerful spell is Overwhelming Cuteness, which allows her to stun human opponents just by looking at them.


Ah-Un is a level 47 two headed dragon who serves as a pack beast and a transport for Jaken and Rin. Jaken won the creature from Koga as part of a wager to see who could nail the most chicks in one night. Well, actually neither of them nailed anyone. Koga even got so desperate that he asked a couple homo hobo's. One replied, "HELL NO!" But, in the end, Jaken stole it, but hey, close enough.

Big Ass Demon[edit]

Early on in the series Sesshomaru was followed by an unnamed level 76 big ass demon. The demon quit the series when its request for a raise was declined. Afterward it worked in a few low budget monster movies before getting a steady job as a real estate agent in the lower regions of the Nine Levels of Hell.

Other People[edit]


Kouga is a level 856 Cock Blocker. He had a brief moment of fame when he won an Olympic silver medal for marathon running. He was then disqualified when he was found to be using performance enhancing jewel shards.

Feeling depressed over this disqualification, Kouga has since turned to unhealthy means of coping, particularly alcohol. He has also taken to stalking Kagome, leading to many an ass-kicking from Inuyasha.

On the rare occasion that he actually does his job, Kouga visits villages throughout Japan selling high quality meat for Wolf Demon Food Corp. His specific duty is to arrange orders from restaurants, inns and taverns. Also, he has worked up a deal with Koga-Cola.

Hakaku and Ginta[edit]

These guys are Kouga's assistants, both level 132. They're basically the same guy, so they don't get their own sections. They provide some comic relief, but not many fans would miss them if they died. In the past they were both on the Japanese 4x4 relay team and the 200m dash. Also have won World titles.


Sango's younger brother, this level 428 Demon Slayer had no choice but to take a job with Naraku after the incident with the roaches. He was later fired for showing poor work ethic and has since become a drifter doing various odd jobs. The most recent of these was with Sesshomaru to 'further boost his image'.


Level 790 Priestess, died but came back to life, Inuyasha's former girlfriend, he still has feelings for her, Kagome's jealous, blah blah blah. Oh yes, and she has some problem with staying dead for more than 10 minutes of the show. Basically she spends most of her time thinking philosophical thoughts that nobody understands. Kikyo usually follows three episodes on Inuyasha that has to think if he loves more Kagome (who's drooling on him) or Kikyo (who's dead and doesn't care). And still, even if actually is Inuyasha who's acting like an annoying wannabe-pimp, it's Kikyo who gets all the hate. Try to figure it out NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.


Level 789 Priestess, recently spotted wandering around San Andreas. This bitch thought she was better than Kikyo, and as you know, NOBODY is better than Inuyasha's former bitch. She worked with Naraku to try to destroy Kikyo and brainwash Kagome into killing Inuyasha, but as we all know "LUV CONQRZ EVYTHNG." This resulted into a super mega catfight between Kikyo, Tsubaki, Kagura, Kanna, Kagome, and Sango. Ayame was there too, as was Kikyo's sister. They all teamed up and formed a women's crime fighting team, but this was disbanded on the basis of not meeting the otaku standards. Tsubaki is obsessed with youth and beauty, and was once old, but is now young and beautiful.


Daughter of Bear Grills and Koga's bitch. She likes to eat small animals, and gnaw on their bones.



After 558 chapters it's over!! 558 chapters and nothing happened. And there is no more, the adventures don't continue, Its done! Why did you read the whole thing? You might has well have read the first two volumes 50 times, you would have got the same result.No, seriously after the first couple of them it becomes about as productive as memorizing the phone book.


As it turns out, the 'anime' was actually a series of recordings from a turn based RPG based on the manga. While the GUI has been edited out for realism, it becomes obvious when one considers that...

  • Anyone who is not a peasant can absorb immense amounts of damage without dying. Also, you can jump in the air without landing up to ten minutes; this may anger air planes and they will fire lasers.
  • While team attacks are possible, it is uncommon to see more than one character attack at a time.
  • Moves and spells are performed the same way each time and, with some exceptions against major demons, are applied very directly as well.

The anime stopped after 167 episodes. The producers are quoted as saying, "We got bored of playing, but the anime has served its purpose. Manga sales are up, so it's all good."


The Inuyasha movies are a strange an anomaly in the anime, due to the fact that the movie are much better than the series itself. They for some odd reason are given a plot, good animation, and is surprisingly original. Such a thing has been unheard of in the world of anime, and scientists are still trying to come up with an explanation.

Episode guide[edit]

One major criticism of the series is that it is overly repetitive. This is true, as most episodes consist of various combinations of the following:

  • The first couple minutes or so are usually spent recapping the last few episodes, and sometimes even the entire series. There are various other recaps throughout. It is estimated that the series could be condensed to sixty episodes simply by removing this part.
  • Inuyasha's party wanders around aimlessly due to poor in game instructions.
  • The player gets some coffee. The characters stand around chatting about random crap.
  • Kikyo dies.
  • Random encounter! Some kind of weird-ass demon appears out of nowhere. The characters kick its ass.
  • Inuyasha gets a sword upgrade.
  • Shippo points out the painfully obvious.
  • Sesshoumaru shows up, and will come back in 20 episodes like always.
  • Kagome sits Inuyasha.
  • Boss battle! Some kind of weird-ass demon appears out of somewhere. The characters eventually kick its ass but it takes a while, sometimes requiring several episodes and encounters before its ass is truly kicked.
  • Kikyo resurrects.
  • Inuyasha upgrades his sword for one of the 1,000,000th times.
  • Kagome gets mad because that's what teenagers do, and takes it out on Inuyasha.
  • Inuyasha beats up Shippo. Nobody (at all) objects to this.
  • Miroku hits on some girl he just met.
  • Kikyo dies.
  • Inuyasha upgrades his sword.
  • Kagome sits Inuyasha again.
  • Jaken monologues to Rin, who quickly loses interest.
  • Sesshomaru looks at something up ahead. Rin postulates that he's hallucinating, which sends Jaken on another one of his tirades.
  • Kikyo resurrects.
  • Inuyasha upgrades his sword.
  • Kikyo says something, but it's so boring that nobody remembers what it was.
  • Kikyo dies.
  • Inuyasha yells "Damn you, Naraku" until his voice wears out and he has to visit lady what's-her-face-with-the-eyepatch.
  • Kagome and Inuyasha screaming each other's names.
  • Inuyasha remains a virgin.
  • Or does he??????????..........survey says yes, yes he does...

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