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“Europe, is that a country?”

~ Americans on Europe

“Actually, it is now”

~ Europeans on Europe

In 2008 Europe was conquered and amalgamated into one huge nation, this is now home to over 5 jews and nearly 10 muslims.

So an American, a Canadian and two Europeans are in a bar- this is not a joke! Why is it that every time someone mentions a few ethnic people and bar they automatically assume it’s a joke? But then…they were frequently made the butt of a joke…

The American, Canadian and Europeans[edit]

Europe was invaded by only 4 brave men and a woman.

Miss Turncloak, Canada- she was the mastermind behind the whole operation, she being a woman could single handedly fight off 3 armies at once. She is now the Princess of France

Gandhi The Doc, USA- his wisdom and knowledge helped the group through many difficulties including defeating Adolf Hitler II. He is now the Duke of Greece and chief diplomat for Europe.

Malty Murry- an Englishman who has pointed out to Americans his whole life that Europe is not a country. He helped during the uniting of Europe with his extreme weapon knowledge.

Dom the Good- possibly the most important member of the team. Another Brit , he was a humble man, who became a hero. After liberating the lands of Europe he was appointed King Dom I of Europe

How It Was Done[edit]

Well, before we talk about the chronology of the conquest, I think it would be best to learn how this all came to be. Basically, the four friends were sitting around in their hotel suite drinking some beer when they realized that no European country had a decent army. At which point they spent several minutes joking about how they would do it.

But little did three of them know that the fourth was starting to get pretty serious by the midst of the discussion, but the next day when Dom approached them, they were quite convinced.

Dom Goes to Russia[edit]

Several maps and days of research later, the four decided that they would pay a visit to the most powerful neighbor near by…Chuck Norris. But of course Chuck Norris was in Iraq beating the crap out of Saddam Hussein, so Russia would have to suffice

But unfortunately, Vladimir Putin would not comply, which meant of course Gandhi’s powers would be put to the test as he would try to persuade the prime minister of Russia.

Would he? No he didn’t.

Actually, we do not know. Nobody knows what happened in that room when the two were alone? Did the Doc seduce him? All we know is that when Vladimir came out of that room he was grinning, his shirt was loose and that he had a bruise on that thick, bald head of his. A tree was planted in St. Petersburg in honor of Gandhi.

Assault on Finland[edit]

After loads of research and stuff you probably don’t care about, Gandhi, Murry, Dom, Turn and a obeying Vladimir Putin decided that their first move should be to attack Finland. This was an excruciating procedure that involved years of thinking and planning…which only took six months.

After five months of fighting, Gandhi had zombified Putin remind them that Finland once belonged to Russia, after which Finland was handed over to Putin, by which of course I mean Gandhi.

Turncloak Proves That She is a Better Tactician Than Gandhi and Murry Put Together[edit]

Turncloak proves that she is a better tactician than Gandhi and Murry put together. Dom is naturally the best.

After Finland was there’s, Dom got drunk and said that they should go after bigger prizes like Germany, France and all those other big ass countries because it would give them the advantage over size. But then Turn said he didn’t seem to have the advantage over size either, which made Dom shut his mouth. It is a well known fact that he is only 5 ft 6.

So, with Murry’s weapon knowledge and Turncloak’s tactical prowess, they were able to devise a plan to capture all the smaller countries of Europe that border Russia At which point Dom drunkenly proclaimed, “All your base are belong to us.”

So, while all those countries were sleeping, the Russian border patrol let millions of Russians and Finlanders across, killing any awaking enemies, and by the time Dom, Gandhi and all those other countries woke up, there was a either a flag of Russia or Finland in every city capital that bordered Russia. And yes, that means you too Sweden.

Germany Doesn’t Get a Clue[edit]

One day, Putin, by which of course I mean Gandhi, got a letter from Germany informing them that they were going to attack Poland. Dom saw this as a threat, but the other three convinced them that as long as Germany didn’t know of their initial goal, that they were safe.

After this decision, they got another letter from Germany informing them that France had surrender after a week of battle.

So, all the united countries were easily able to plant their flags in Poland in the matter of months.

Hey Wait, What About Norway?[edit]

Sweden attacked them after they submitted to Russia, the end.

Germany Still Doesn’t Get a Clue[edit]

Three years later, as things were starting to quite down, the four were informed that Germany had successfully invaded and conquered all those tiny countries between France and Germany that nobody really cares about.

Britain Craps Their Pants[edit]

By now the British are blowing their brains out because now they know what’s happening. So they decide to call up Canada and the States.

But the [[Americans have better things to do and so do the Canadians; who remind them that all the Brits left them with were drunks and old people when the Americans chased them up to the north.

Turncloak Once Again Proves She’s a Tactical Genius[edit]

With her knowledge of the Brits asking for help, Turncloak plotted with the other three and numerous other generals to devise a plan to capture the United Kingdom.

So, Turncloak, being a tactical genius, made her troops don the military attire of Canadians and Americans. To those that opposed at first she reminded them that the Germans had done something similar.

So instead of seeing tons of Russians, French, Germans and Finlanders coming their way, they instead saw what they believed to be Canadian and American air force and navy.

Mean while, three days later, their was a mock battle on the islands where the pretenders pretended to fight the so called opposes with fake blood, fake bullets and fake explosions with fake ships and fake props.

But by the time the British found out the truth it was too late and the enemy already surrounded them. However, they kept their dignity and fought for one more day before they surrendered to Russian might.

Italy and Greece Surrender[edit]

So the majority of Europe is now under Dom’s control, with the smaller countries crumbing under Russia’s might, there seems to be no hope for those who oppose, unless of course the Americans and Canadians were to be involved. But that wont ever happen will it? Thought so. By now, Dom has established himself in the former United Kingdom, treating himself with the royals of Europe in his newly acquired palace with his three companions, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyways, as I was saying, the majority of Europe had fallen to the might of the Russians, who were really controlled by Gandhi, Finland, France and all those other nations that complied or eventually did, including the clueless Germans. Who still thought they’d be getting a piece of the prize when really he was just their pawn.

And so, Italy and Greece, knowing their dilemma took the less dignified road and surrendered in person to Dom himself in his royal palace, but then they realized that that was really some fat guy with a fake crown on his head, who’s name happened to be Dom as well.

So when they got there, Dom announced that he’d be holding a conference for all the leaders of Europe, friends and enemies both to discuss the economy, which really meant it was a conference to make them his wards and to give himself the rest of Europe.

King Dom the Good[edit]

King Dom's three sons.

His Royal Highness has only been King for a short while, but that time has been one of extreme wealth and prosperity for the united Europe, in fact, things are much better now than they were before took his seat.

Also, it should be noted that His Grace was loving and generous enough to legitimized his base born triplet sons, Ted, Ked and Ned. Although, some question weather or not they should ascend the throne before Dom's first born son by his wife.

Furthermore. he has defended his nation against all types of Evil. His palace is located inside Old Trafford, Manchester UK. He is married to Carol Vordeman He has a celebrity entourage, including:

Prince Philip-Butler

Frank Lampard-Ass whipper

Your Mum-Sex Slave

Robert Mugabe-Political Adviser

Smo - Sexier Sex Slave

and many many more

He was appointed the first Jewish pope. He was not born Jewish, is not Jewish and does not want to be Jewish. However the Jewry voted unanimously for him, giving him a total of 20 votes.

He has been experimenting with titles, PopeKing; KingPope; Holy Highness; Highpopeness. He is hoping the all knowing Gandhi will help him.

Countess Turncloak[edit]

Following the conquest of Europe and Asia, the lady Turncloak decided to make her home in what used to be [France]. Lounging in the lovely halls of her palace, CountessTurncloak has a number of suitors, butlers, and others to tend to her every need.

The Swift Shiv – Diplomat and occasional suitor