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The Ionosphere is found 3000 miles above the sea level and is currently the storage area for countries' hidden weapons.

Ancient History of Ionosphere[edit]

Ionosphere from God's point of view


In 4004 BC, Adam and Eve ate the apple. Even tho they were expelled from Eden, there were some supporters of their actions, like mammoths and unicorns; God then created a place for the unholy creatures to stay, close to Him, so He could watch them, and called it Ionosphere (latin, iono: traitor; sphere: of doom).

Freeing of the Mammoth[edit]

In 2637 BC, God tripped and was about to fall when the mammoths saved God's uberlife. God paid them back by allowing them to go back to Earth, only to send a comet 4 years later and kill everything. Still, the beings in Ionosphere, which now were only unicorns, crab-people and dogs remained there. It is rumored that a mammoth named Jessica still lives among the crab-people; she bakes necklaces.

Freeing of the Dog[edit]

In 1934 BC, the dogs were set free for God realising dog was an anagram of His own name.

Modern History of Ionosphere[edit]


So far, the Ionosphere was unknown to human kind, but then it was found by german scientists in the year 1656 during a field trip. Since they were a socialist (read poor) country back then, they made a deal with the United States of America to go see what was the Ionosphere deal. The Lovehoney Rocket carried the first iononauts.


The iononauts, which included Alan S. Dartgate, the president back then, got back to Earth and discussed what to do with the Ionosphere. The brightest idea was: use it as a bomb storage and hide it from the people! So the iononauts go back, kill the unicorns and the crab-people and store over 6,000 nukes in there, oficially starting the fifth great armament storage place, or BS5:UI (Bomb Storage 5: Unit Ionosphere).

The 1799 Leek[edit]

All events regarding the Ionosphere were kept from everyone but member of the ASSS (Administration's Secret Storages Service) who used to take care of all the BS. In 1799, tho, there was a breach. A secret socialist spy penetrated the ASSS and spread the seeds of his evil: the BS5 was no longer secret. The USA chose to have a meeting with the 7 richest countries, which, until today, are USA itself; the spy's home, Soviet Russia; Mexico; Iceland; Connect&Cut; EuroDisney; and Asia and tell them about the Ionosphere. Since then, all of these countries had been keeping their WOMD in the ionosphere.

Future History of Ionosphere[edit]

The 2610 Tear

The 2610 Tear[edit]

In 2610, the number of armaments in the Ionosphere was too big and it became to heavy for it to support, so it teared apart, right above Australia, which caused the extinction of koalas, kangaroos and Crocodile Hunters, no one really cared...


Like everything else, in 2665, the Ionosphere was banned.

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