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The film poster for Iranian Pie

Iranian Pie was a 2002 film aimed at the Muslim teenage market, directed by Abdul Abdul Muhammed Tariq Abdul. The film is notable for it's crude humour and overuse of toilet jokes. The film was the first to be given a "21++ stoned-to-death" rating, and women are banned from ever seeing it. It won two Oscars.


The film starts out with a young high-school student Tariq (played by Abdullah Abdul Muhhammed Abdulson) desperate to gain respect for his father. After consultation with his "wacky" friends Tariq and Abdul (Abdul al-Tariq Muhammed Abdul and Tariq Muhammed al-Abdullah), Tariq learns that Jihad is "just like putting a pie on your back and shouting 'Death to the West'"

It is then when the film's only notable and humourous scene is played out. Tariq prepares a freshly cooked Halal pie and straps it to his back. Just as he starts shout something about infidels and bin Laden, the US Marines burst into the household and shoot Tariq on the spot.


The movie was generally poorly received in Islamic countries, mainly because of the fact that the film had no dancing. It bombed in Islamic cinemas all over the world (all two of them), and thus the director was made bankrupt and stoned-to-death. It did, subsequently, gain an underground cult following amongst the young, hip Iranian emo kids and shit like that.


Due to the aforementioned underground success, the film company made six sequels to the film, with the seventh still being filmed:

  • Iranian Pie 2: There's Something About Allah. (2002)
  • Iranian Pie 3: The Stupidly Overlong Wedding (wrong place, wrong time). (2003)
  • Iranian Pie 4: The Teenage Pregnancy and Subsequent Stoning. (2004)
  • Iranian Pie 5: There's Still Something About Allah. (2004)
  • Iranian Pie 6: The Teenagers' Vacation. (2005)
  • Iranian Pie 7: Return of Tariq. (2006)
  • Iranian Pie 8: (currently being filmed)