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Did you mean: Awesomeness

“No It's David Nobbs Inspired Writing During A Episode”

~ Chris Bores

“What the shitassdickmonkeycamelsubarucivicikeaphilippines! bLARgH...”

“AVGN Fans Should Watch Their Own Language”

~ Leonard Roisster

“The Show Is About Faking Death Just To Play A Video Game”

~ Chris Bores

“BatDanNight Should Hang Himself”

~ David Nobbs(The Writer Of The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin)

The Irate Gamer, also known as Chris Bored, is a man of many talents on the interwebs, but mostly Comedy and the inability to speak any kind of known language. He is often compared to Slipknot and thin gooded chipmunks with multiple Alzheimers. He lives with fourteen angry cats, and his true purpose is to rule teh world(with women) .

Before The Dawn of Timeness[edit]

When God and Chuck Norris created the universe, the Irate Gamer was actually one of Satan's minions who popped into Earth accidentily. Damn.


The Irate Gamer emerged in 2007. His videos caused the outrage of many Angry Video Game Nerd fans, as well as the general YouTube community. During this time, he followed the examples of profanity set by the AVGN: cursing, reviewing old games, having the Leonard Roisster look... so he was Awesome .

War Era[edit]

To defeat his supreme faggotry, a legion of Wookieepedians came to CrapTube and flooded his channel with Jar Jar Binks, bounty hunters, and Featured Articles of doom. The army was lead by Graestan and a now dead Darth Culator. The nerds were to weak to destroy him, so he became stronger and reviewed Super Smash Bros. Brawl. How daaaaare he!!!

Present Day[edit]

Right now, the Irate Gamer is shopping at Victoria's Secret. Yippee. He also now rates Wii games, including Super Smash Bros.. The horror!


By this time, scientists claim that Chris will turn into a grue and die from suicide.

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