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Do you mean iPod?

The iriver clix, promoting some awkward message that parents will never tell. {To girls: SHOW OFF YOUR STUFF, MAN!)

The iriver was the official iPod clone. Its reign, however, was abruptly stopped when the Zune came out. Since then, the iriver clix have caused the Kim Jong-Il funded company to crash and burn. 0.314159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 people uses an iriver player to whack themselves in the ass.

Alternative Meaning?[edit]

Many so-called experts had decided to take this North Korean propaganda and decode it. Apparently, the Korean word "iriver" means the following in perfect English:

 OMG n00bizes bitches!!!!1111!!!!1! I know how to create an EMpee-farlee playa!!1!1!1! 
 Here's to u, Georgina Dubai-ya Bullshit! U cannot bAn those eyePodd, never! 
 My nuclear technicians r workin' hard 2 gonna create a clone of your ayPald, 
 so my peepz can EnJoy the youTope-ya dey've been lookin' 4 all dis years!!! Muahwahwahwahwaaaaaaaa!1!!1!!!

Those experts claim that it is a prophecy for a future terrorist attack on American soil, but seriously, nobody cares.

The Development of the Perfect iriver[edit]

iPod - click wheel + Your mom's leftover brussel sprouts + Oprah Winfrey's pixel dust + the dried poop of Lennin + Fidel Castro's bedpan + open-source formats + Britney Spears's stolen panties + Britney Spears's sheared hair + endorsement from Kimba, err..., I mean Simba = an iriver + a tabloid magazine + pills to treat autism

One wrong ingredient in that mixture will spell the end of the world. Good luck!

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