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Irkens are crazy insane autistic insectoidic genocidal aliens from planet irk the most terrifying superpower in the universe where you have to brush your teeth eat your broccoli and clean your room.Irk is located in the fart galaxy/wet dream galaxy also known as the milkyway .Irkens have sensitive light green skin due to them having the ginger gene and freckles.Irkens are highly advanced and intelligent and have a vast empire which will one day own your planet and EVERYTHING .Irkens feel an insanly urge to counquer other planets rather than playing sports. since the dawn of time irkens have looked up at the stars and have always had wettly dreams of pissing off other planets inhabitants and showing them whose boss and mooch of them for pancakes followed by enslaving them for the fun of it. the irken armada is Irks fleet it awaits invaders to find out what a planets weakness is and secrets then prank call them then stoak them in their orbit then pounce and yell surpise after the planet is counquered it is given a single purpose like toiletea which is a universal public toilet or planet insaneia now an insane asylum or conventia a convention hall planet.Irkens have come to be known as lots of things such as genocidal psychopaths slave oppressors and mentally ill and steven spielberg fans

In order to keep every thing running properly all irkens have back paks which come with secret weapons of mass destruction a lunch box and spider legs to outrun the feds in uncounquered worlds.

Irkens are cloned in underground Irk at birthing centers. unlike the disgusting prehistoric way humans reproduce irkens reproduce using superior cloning technology once the irken baby smeet is hatched from the cloning tube the robot hand slaps it on the ass then all irken knowledge gets inserted through the babys ears to the brain by the robot arms and then the smeet stands up and a robot voice says greetings irken child welcome to life report for duty then the child is sent to work straight a way until future purpose is determined.