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The word irregardless appears often in conversation, particularly by dimwits and people whose sole purpose in life is trying to piss me off, because they know the word is stupid and has no real meaning. It is a "juxtaposition" of the real words "irrespective" and "regardless," but when you combine these two legitimate words, you get one shitty word that has no meaning.

Think about it! First, think about the meaning of the word "regardless," and how you would use it, for instance, "Regardless of the fact that you have big breasts, I don't find you attractive," meaning that this moron does not find the lady attractive, despite the fact that she has big "hooters." Now, if you were to use "irregardless," what would that mean? Nothing, except perhaps proving that not only are you an idiot for not liking the lady with the big breasts, but that you are also an idiot who has no concept of language or the most trivial understanding that comes a priori for those with an elementary school education.

Stewie Griffin outlawed the use of the word irregardless in a two-part virtual reality simulation episode and it was clearly reason enough to justify his coup d'etat of the United State government.

Rules for dealing with those who use "irregardless":[edit]

  1. Beat them with a blunt object. Note: Juries are unlikely to convict you if you are arrested, as you could claim self-defense of the English language. Several cases of justifiable homicide have also been reported while using this defense, but we do not recommend that strategy.
  2. Vandalize the houses of those who say "irregardless" with graffiti, using the word "irregardless" as much as possible. Use of the words "costed" and "stupider" is also acceptable.
  3. Rant uncontrollably at the very suggestion of the word and cause a scene. They'll think twice before using the word again (or hanging out with you.)
  4. Sleep with their partner (it is only fair.)
  5. Use the word "irregardless" constantly in their presence until they see how stupid you are; then they will stop. (hopefully you will too, or #1 will come into play)
  6. Write an Uncyclopedia article to channel the anger.